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Originally Posted by samicool10
so you say you rather hold long distence. and when a knight or wiz dies you wont run up to him to e heal or anything? what do you have to fear ? a spin and claw attack. get hit stay down as long as possible. if thats so deadly get more hp
It is not necessary to run up to someone to do e heal. The range of e heal is pretty much whole screen and possibly a little more. Just because I said it's safer to use range doesn't mean I draw a circle around Kanhel and declare that I will never step into it either.

The rest of your rants aren't really worth replying, but I will anyway:
1. Do you think it's wise for a Healer who should be healing to stay down as long as possible?
2. If you can avoid unncessary damage you should. Which is simpler: avoiding unncessary damage or getting more life?

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