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Originally Posted by samicool10
lol kanhel is more deadly ranged if you did not knw. kanhel spin will most likly never kill you while 1 touch ofhis breathe and your dead. running form him will only make it harder to knw what way his head is facing. the 1 st form is anoying coz it does random breathe but i recomend melee 2nd form. if you arnt dumb you will knw why.
As fars as I know a medium range attack on Kanhel isn't as dangerous as melee for healers. Because:
1. His cold claw attack misses you.
2. His bunny hop attack misses you.
3. His spin misses you.
4. You aren't out of screen or something so you still know which way his head is facing.
5. You can see if a rock will drop on you more clearly.

Since you're a Knight, it might be the case that Kanhel's aggro is on you. Which might make it more dangrous to range than melee in your case, as you've pointed out that his breath can 1HKO. (well it does unless you're near the limit of its range) However it is different for healers who mostly likely aren't the object of Kanhel's attention. I also didn't say you were running from him. I only said you were using a ranged attack.

I apologise since I am looking at it from a Healer's point of view, and did not recognise that it might be safer to melee Kanhel if you're the main damage dealer.

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