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lol kanhel is more deadly ranged if you did not knw. kanhel spin will most likly never kill you while 1 touch ofhis breathe and your dead. running form him will only make it harder to knw what way his head is facing. the 1 st form is anoying coz it does random breathe but i recomend melee 2nd form. if you arnt dumb you will knw why.

moonlight chain is useless. if you cant wall combo then practise simple as that.

and fog and sacred wave is with the extra skill points you get. smart to get lv 2-3 pieces? i dont thing so.

and why do you need dmg when you FS? you heal them to do dmg for you.

and people that sux. tell them that they sux and should quit lunia or fcking learn how to play.