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Originally Posted by authentic moonlight chain sucks.
- No reason given by authentic. I already said if you want to take it easy, Moonlight Chain as a combo assist isn't a bad idea. If you're great at wall combo, then you don't need it. If you don't want to wall combo assist at all, then suit yourself.

Originally Posted by authentic
if everyone else is dead, then either you or your party sucks, plain and simple.
Realistically speaking, you won't always have a good party. Assuming 90% of the people who play Lunia suck, and assuming you're one of the 10% good players, and assuming at a good party requires 4 of such people from the 10% and assuming you're in a random party, the chances of a good party is 1x0.1x0.1x0.1 = 0.001 = 0.1%. Of course, you might redefine good party as having 3/4 good people, which makes the chance 1%. (10% of 2/4) There's also the possiblity that you're surrounded by good friends that makes your chance of getting a good party 100%, but that doesn't apply to all people.

Originally Posted by authentic
if everyone wants to do as much damage per second as possible, go in there and use physical attacks, you can physically atk everything in this game thats possible, i have, a lot of other healers i know have, learn to use your pentagon light too. you suck ass if you cant utilize a healer without attacks.
Physical attacks against some bosses are a bad idea. Stuck ogre lords and golems for example. It's also much safer to attack Kanhel from range than melee range. Some Knights say that it's not recommended to melee (this refers to melee attack, not melee skills) Kanhel because they can't use escape skill when he does something funny. Granted, you can go behind a boss if someone out damages you, but then, someone is outdamaging you. (which means your damage sucks if the other person is a healer, and there isn't always another person)

SSA and pentagon light don't even deal half the damage of Moon Pieces in the majority of cases. Let's estimate your SSA damage as being 50. Moon Pieces often does more than 4x that on bosses.

Originally Posted by authentic
getting monsters to flinch at long range...right...thats so worth putting the skill points
I put 4 good points together for a reason.

Originally Posted by authentic
and you arent a true full support if you have a direct attacking spell, sorry...

if you want to have more than 1 direct attack spell, you're considered hybrid, and this isnt the guide for you.

Firstly, what a FS healer is a mere classification based on man-made criteria. Your opinion isn't any more valuable than mine on what a FS healer should be. Also assuming that Sacred Wave and Moon Fog are direct attack spells by your definition, you should have recommend a flat 0 instead of 0,1, in your guide, a move inconsistent with your statement.

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