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Originally Posted by WinglesS
1 point of Moonlight Chain is good for combo assist if you aren't good at wall combo or just feel like taking it easy.

Moon Pieces imo should be included in full support builds. It sounds good to be a full support with little or no offensive skills but in reality not all situations call for heals, and in those situations the 'true' full support healer because a 'true' almost fully useless healer.

Moon Pieces are useful when:
1. Everyone else is dead and you're alone against the boss.
2. When there's little or no danger of getting kiled and everyone is just trying to do as much DPS as possible.
3. Geting monsters to flinch at long range.
4. Getting rid of that last irritating mob. moonlight chain sucks.

we have physical attacks for a reason, you dont have the points to put into attacks, not with these builds.

if everyone else is dead, then either you or your party sucks, plain and simple.

if everyone wants to do as much damage per second as possible, go in there and use physical attacks, you can physically atk everything in this game thats possible, i have, a lot of other healers i know have, learn to use your pentagon light too. you suck ass if you cant utilize a healer without attacks.

getting monsters to flinch at long range...right...thats so worth putting the skill points

moon pieces as a mob skill....k...

as said, you can utilize plenty of attacks without actually using skills, if you dont know how, then play another character.

and you arent a true full support if you have a direct attacking spell, sorry...

if you want to have more than 1 direct attack spell, you're considered hybrid, and this isnt the guide for you.