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well indeed hes more of a samurai in his 4th than anything but i dun agree about the 3rd class being meh, u can get deadly combos(deadly rly ,get the opponent's full life down to 0 in half a secs), u jus need to right timing, and the invisibility thing is awsome, u get 1.5 more dmg when u r invisible(for3 secs) and u can use it for recovering hp as well and ye, the 1.5 works on skills also so 1st skill+2nd skill is almost and 1hitKO(if its not) so i just need so practice and u can get good with any lass class(ido prefer 4th tho xD)


well the 2nd class may look weak but his 1st skill, when correctly used can do great dmg to any class/armor, and his last skill is pretty useful, it ignores almost all the def of the oponent and if it hit twice(theres some spots of the spell where it hits 2 times)its 1hitKO for sure.Of course, like any class of elesis(any but 2nd class,knight), the 2nd lass class is suitable for the "super dash"(in br we call it Mushidon , Corrida triangular ou Dash rapido),u can get anywhere of the map in a rly short time and it helps alot with grabbin

well in my point of view u can pwn any1 with any class, u just need some playing experience(u cant defeat lires while using some classes of arme tho x_X,especially 1st and 2nd class)

Edit:not completly sure but i think ryan's cape givs more vit then lass', so yeah, its more tankish

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