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Elite will become famous soon enoughElite will become famous soon enough

fuck.. i lost to haduken!!

i should might as well switch to a wiz to actually let my reflexes explode. *dreams about getting 100% first hits* they continue their combo even though they mess up a bit. siegs.. you gotta do everything 95-100% correctly in order to release a actual combo -_-" the enemy falls down if you mess up just like half a second or maybe one milisecond -.-;;;; damnit. it always feels like im missing a ability. in the end, it's because i thought this game was only pressing buttons simultaneously and a choice of movement. but noooo im being such a retarded idiot and always underestimate somethings potential -_- WHICH MEANS I'M LEARNING LIKE A SNAIL!!! -_- i think im getting off topic