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Originally Posted by FlareKnight
._. You think killing someone with Dash A Space, Dash A Space, And on and on? Give your opponent a chance.
You try doing that more than 5 times in a row. And that's why GNG outlawed 3+ key loops.

And if your opponent is doing it on the ground, give them a friendly blow+flash fate, or nado+d-fist.

Originally Posted by Brawl
Equips: Yes, you don't have godly vit sets like the person you're fighting? Solution, get some. Your opponent probably spent alot of gold/time getting those equips, and for what? To be used only during stage? I don't think so.
Tell me Brawl, what exactly did you people at GNGWC do for equipments? I doubt they let you run out and farm for months. My problem with equipments is that a vastly rich person who might have gotten their fortune purely off of a +11~+11 damage grade on a item would be able to over power a much more skilled player just by the number of hit points they have or the amount of damage they do, rather than their actual innate skill. Tell me Brawl, (extreme scenario) would you be happy fighting a ghost hunter gear wearing hacker and losing just because he hits you for 150 damage per hit or that he has over 3700 hp?