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Why would you vote no on windmill/autostep/infinite combos? I'm guessing you dont know how to use the them, and don't want people using it it on you? Easy solution, learn how to use them. You souldn't section off someone's abilities to be "fair" when they worked hard learning how to do the moves in the first place.

Equips: Yes, you don't have godly vit sets like the person you're fighting? Solution, get some. Your opponent probably spent alot of gold/time getting those equips, and for what? To be used only during stage? I don't think so.

2 out of 3 matches is fine. I don't object to this.

Matches. Due to the fact that we're online, and live in different timezones, we would probably need a couple days to sort this out. Both players could say the other person wasnt on. What would we do then?

Healing. This is a tough one. Healing is the point of being a healer. I really cant say yes or no to this one. Maybe make a rule that allows the healer to only use one type of heal.

1v1 is where the skill is demonstrated. Team battle is just fo skill spammers.