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I think rather then make separate tournaments for level ranges, I'd rather pair up those in similar level ranges. Making two tournaments seems like a huge hassle.
  • No clue about the Windmill/autostep/infinite combos.
  • Yes, IMO. People work hard for their equipments.
  • Hmm....Best out of 5.
  • Number of days? Eh, at least in a one weekish range.
  • Yes for healing.
  • Team competitions can be held later on...1vs1 for now.
  • Not sure exactly.

Etc etc.

Originally Posted by FlareKnight
  • Windmill/Autostep/infinite combos (yes/no?)
  • Equips (yes/no?)
  • Number of matches: best 2 out of 3?, best 3 out of 5?
    2 out of 3 for first matches, 3 out of 5 on the final match.
  • Number of days to set up a match?
    A few? O_O
  • Healing (yes/no?)
    Eeek... D: I don't know. xD
  • 1v1 tournaments, or maybe some team competitions?
    (: Team competitions...
I like that idea for number of matches.