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Originally Posted by Ayumi
This seems very possible, the only problems apparently are...
  • Determining who won the match first-hand
  • Rules

Timing and such isn't too bad. I'm sure those who register can find a time to fight. It might take awhile to finish the first round, but meh.

I think the hardest part are Rules.
I agree, I think these are some of the debatable things that should be ironed out:
  • Windmill/Autostep/infinite combos (yes/no?)
  • Equips (yes/no?)
  • Number of matches: best 2 out of 3?, best 3 out of 5?
  • Number of days to set up a match?
  • Healing (yes/no?)
  • 1v1 tournaments, or maybe some team competitions?
  • Level divisions? What increments?

Sorry, added a few more issues, but they will all have to be reached eventually =P
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