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Default Cyssaria's Eir Skills: PvP Evaluation

Cyssaria was my first character, I had no idea what I was doing so while my original intention was to create a support character that could deal moderate damage, I ended up having a generally messed up build. Still, with a myriad of skills at my disposal, I could experiment and find out what worked best. This led me to create a new Eir built for the sole purpose of PvP. Here are the conclusions I've come to thus far on skills.

Primary Skills

Moonlight Piece

Pros: A great skill overall. Landing a direct hit from a moderate distance ensures maximum damage. Because this skill pushes back and does not launch, it is potentially one of the strongest standalone skills available to any class. The homing abilities of this skill allow you to use it to put your opponent in a disadvantageous position. Fast Cooldown.

Cons: As it does not launch your opponent, this skill will never kill an opponent outright. In battles with more skilled players, chances of landing a direct hit with Moonlight Piece is practically none (except in one instance, described later). I've once had a battle against a Sieg where I was able to predict where he would be, aimed pieces in that direction, and watched as he weaved THROUGH the Pieces unscathed.

Recommendation: 6-10 points

Full Moon Bullet

Pros: Relatively fast cast, far range, semi-homing capabilities and knockdown. Also deals a fair amount of damage on a solid hit if leveled up.

Cons: Damage potential is generally low since a majority of the time, a good opponent that is hit by Bullet will only be hit once. Bullet is also rather unpredictable, sometimes it'll go straight while your opponent is just off to the side while other times, it'll go completely sideways while your opponent is dashing just straight ahead. Slightly long cooldown.

Recommendation: 2 points

Moon Barrier

Pros: Creates a new target for homing spells to chase after. Also serves as an impassable barrier for opponents. You can use it on opponents who stay down if you manage to knock one into a corner to trap them there. Almost guarantees a kill. Probably wouldn't work more than 1 time on the same opponent. Great overall against Dainn's Ice Arrows, Fire Orb, and Fire Dragon's Heart and Eir's Moonlight Piece.

Cons: Mostly useless on Siegs. While it does attract Whirlwave, Siegs who use it will use it in such a way that you cannot prepare for it. The cast delay is such that it's difficult to have it cast in time safely by the time your opponent's attacks approach. This means it usually has to be cast in advance.

Recommendation: 3 points (max)

Moonlight Chain

Pros: Direct hits deal fair damage if you land all 8 shots. Can be cancelled using low mp skills (like Holy Shout). Good to use when you have an opponent trapped in a corner.

Cons: It's a channeling spell, you're standing still for the 3 seconds or so it takes to get off all 8 hits. Fairly hefty MP cost for a skill that's generally unreliable. Low range.

Recommendation: 0 points

Moon Bind

Pros: Fast cast, great damage at close range. By itself, it's a fairly useful skill if used properly. Best against Eirs, since they have practically no defense against it. Can also be used on Siegs or Dainns that have Play Dead or Bitter Cold Breath on cooldown. Team matches, Moon Bind can mean an instant KO if your team takes advantage of it.

Cons: Missing Moon Bind can be potentially devastating to you. Against Dainns and Siegs with BCB/Play Dead ready, Moon Bind might not work so well. Also, Moon Bind is mostly useless unless maxed. Long cooldown.

Recommendation: 4 points (max)

Moon Fog

Pros: Great damage, slow effect. Also cancellable into other skills, so it can be used as a bait spell to create a false opening to draw your opponents to you. You can then cancel it into something deadly, like Moonlight Piece. Usable after Moon Bind for added devastation.

Cons: Hefty MP cost, low additional damage with added points and a long cooldown.

Recommendation: 1 point

Judgment of God

-Reserved space for when I get it.

Holy Shout

Pros: Fast cast, easily dash cancellable, long range knockback. It's like dash AS without needing to put yourself in harms way. Low mp cost, and fairly low cooldown. Also allows for odd maneuvers that are normally not possible from wake up attacks.

Cons: Not a real damage dealing spell. No real weaknesses other than that.

Recommendation: 1, or max if you can afford it


Pros: Great offensive and defensive spell, decent damage. At higher levels, it can be used to start combos in addition to ending them. Using it on wake up will usually put you in a safe position. Hanging around a Dodge against melee happy opponents will dissuade them from comboing you.

Cons: Always on cooldown because you'll be using it so often.

Recommendation: 6-9 points (max)

Light of Purification

Pros: Gets rid of that pesky slow from Wizard spells and Knights' Provoke.

Cons: No real use other than the above

Recommendation: 1 point

Price of Sacrifice

Pros: Gets you some MP at the cost of HP. High level PvP battles as Eir are usually mana intensive and can be decided on mana alone, as your opponents will have so much hp that it'll be difficult to wear them down with your spells. Price may help turn the tide if your spells are done cooling down and you're confident you can land additional attacks.

Cons: Makes you lose HP. Very long cast time that is non-cancellable. Be wary of when you use it, otherwise you'll lose far more hp if your opponent catches you during the delay time.

Recommendation: 3 to 4 points

Tears of Goddess

Pros: Fast cast, great damage if most hits land. Usually a safe spell to use as it is dash cancellable. Works great in conjunction with Holy Shout or dash AS. Dash AS followed by Tears is almost impossible to evade. Can also be used to tack on extra damage at the end of a well placed Holy Spirit. Also used to punish early runners. Cast it where your opponent lands and if they plan on dashing away instantly, most of the hits will land.

Cons: 25 seconds is a long time in PvP. This spell seems to always be on cooldown when a perfect opportunity to use it presents itself. Takes practice to judge distance and angle to use it properly. Hefty mana cost.

Recommendation: As many points as you can spare

Holy Spirit

Pros: Possibly the best spell Eir has in PvP. As you'll be spending a lot of time in close quarters with your opponent, this spell will do a moderate amount of damage in addition to sending him into a wall, or at least across the screen. The cast time is extremely fast, so it can be mixed into standard melee attacks for a guaranteed direct hit. Also only 10 seconds for cooldown, which means this spell will be used constantly. Opponents should fear this spell, or at least be mildly irritated at how awesome it is. It's also skill cancellable, so should you miss, you can put yourself in a better position by cancelling the delay.

Cons: Relatively slow spell, so effective distance is close to medium range. Not exactly the most comfortable distance for Eir.

Recommendation: 8 points (max)

Sacred Wave

Pros: Fast cast, great damage. Can be used after SSA to quickly finish off an opponent low on health. Also, proper usage will guarantee your safety after casting. Sacred Wave has too many good uses to list, but you can use it on wake up to disrupt an opponent's next move, to cancel long delay attacks, or to stop an opponent's offense in team matches just long enough for a team mate to land a combo.

Cons: Other than a high MP cost and a long delay, this skill has no downsides if used properly. If used improperly, the after cast delay could get you killed.

Recommendation: 1 point (it deserves more, but it should be low on your priority list)

Other Skills


Pros: Fast Cast, guarantees a direct, point blank hit from Moon Bind if used properly. Best used in conjunction with Moon Bind, otherwise the effects might not be as great. Can be used after standard melee hits without interruption. Invaluable in 1v1 situations.

Cons: Although the cast time is fast, the non-cancellable after cast delay is long. This means that the net sleep time where you can take action is very low. You cannot afford to make a mistake after casting sleep otherwise the spell is wasted. Also has little use in Team PvP unless you have incredible teamwork since team mates tend to unwarily knock your opponents out of sleep with weak attacks. Also has a very heavy MP cost as well as a long reuse timer. Don't expect to be able to cast it more than once per life.

Other Bless Skills

0 to everything else, they simply do not have enough utility to warrant points as you should be clawing for every point available as it is. The only one worth mentioning here is Light Shield, which deserves 1 point. It's basically our version of BCB or Play Dead.

Healing Skills

Of all the healing spells, the most obvious choice would be Light of Healing, due to the amount of HP you can potentially heal. In reality, against difficult opponents, the best healing spell to use would be Sunlight Heal. Difficult opponents will often force you to cancel Light of Healing after 1 heal. If you're lucky, you can get off a 2nd heal. Taking this into consideration and assuming you can only get off 1 heal, Sunlight is better for the MP cost. It is also better for Team PvP since Light's range is so small that you'll often be caught in attacks intended for the person you're trying to heal. Sunlight is not dash cancellable, however, and must be skill cancelled. Beads may be useful in team matches, but will unfortunately make you vulnerable to attacks as it has an uncancellable after cast delay. Emergency Heal deserves a point, as its purpose is the same as in stages.

Note: While I'm a firm believer that all Eir skills, including Bless and Healing skills are fair game in PvP, not all people will agree. Check first with your opponent if he has any issues with you using Healing skills. If he does, either refrain from using them or find a different opponent to fight.

Passive Abilities

Health Increase

Pros: More HP. Having HP means you can survive longer.

Cons: No real cons, other than costing skill points.

Recommendation: Max

Mana Increase

Pros: More MP. Having more MP means you can stay in the game longer.

Cons: No real cons, again, other than costing skill points.

Recommendation: As many points as you can afford

Mana Recovery

Pros: Regens mana while you're fighting. For a PvP Eir, this is more important than Mana Increase. If you can afford the points, get both. Otherwise, get this one only.

Cons: No real cons, other than costing skill points.

Recommendation: Max


Pros: Grants a small chance of having a spell cost half the required MP to cast.

Cons: None, really, other than using up skill points. Unfortunately, the utility of the skill isn't high enough to warrant any skill points at all since the chance of Concentration kicking in is so low.

Deadly Magic Blow

Pros: Grants a small chance of having a spell deal critical (1.5x) damage.

Cons: Again, none, other than skill points cost. The chance of effect is very low, however, so it's incredibly unreliable.

Recommendation: 0, 1 point(s).
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