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Default Zyris' Knight Skills: PvP Evaluations

Zyris' Knight Skills: PvP Evaluations
Introduction: I'm too lazy to completely rewrite my guide. I realized the tone I wrote this in highly suggests that you get some skills and not others. But nearly every skill has a tactical use to it if it has little combo-ability to it or if it's hard to hit. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU PICK THE SKILLS YOU WANT BASED ON PLAY STYLE BECAUSE NEARLY EVERY SKILL IS GOOD FOR SOMETHING. As long as it's not a skill I major dissed in this section anyways =P.

*Important notes: If you read the information about one skill read it all the way through. Do not just look at the pros and not the cons vice versa. It will create an incomplete picture and cause a misunderstanding.*

Last Updated: January 06/2008


Cross Cut

Pros: Cross cut is at level one is a low mp consumption skill and low cool down time (12 seconds) lets you reuse this skill often consumption skill that adds airtime letting you combo more. Further more this skill has a quick cast time allowing you to use it in the open with less chances of being canceled. This skill can also be used to knock down the opponent when they have 0 hp. At max level (it's a waste to leave in the middle due to low damage dealt to higher levels and increase in mp per usage) it can deal some nice overall damage due to the usage of this skill. As you level this skill your base level increases so your overall mp increases so in PvP your mp is still highly manageable despite what others might think. The duration takes for first hit and the combo time will return all the mp you've use back. Sometimes in higher level fights you might even die with close to full mp ~_~.

Cons: When using this skill to combo, the second slash will almost always be canceled. If the second slash is hit it knocks the monster too far to continue the combo. Even if you half dash after the hit, there's the problem with not having enough air time because cross cut doesn't give a lot of air time. One of the only times it's safe to use cross cut would be when you're at a certain distance away from the wall so the knock back is eliminated. I have yet to actually test it so don't blame me if I'm wrong on that part =s. It's so much safer to stick with one slash and cancel rather than messing up and losing lots of potential damage.

Conclusion: I'd recommend at least level one and maxing either kicking or this skill for combo usage. Long combo add lots of overall damage. In tight battles, every small bit of damage matters. As of now my final judgement is that cross cut wins over kicking due to potential of two strikes and the ability to limit it's uses compared to kicking for mp regen reasons.

Destruction Fist

Pros: This skill is one of the few ways to dish out major damage. Despite it's higher cast time, it's still possible to hit a few times with this skill just openly casting it. You can combo this skill after kicking for some easy and big damage as well. Later on in higher level, you can combo this into whirlwave sword for even more damage (this might change in later updates we'll see how it goes).

Cons: The mp usage on this skill is quite high. It'll instantly drain you of around 1/3rd your total mp. I recommend not spamming this skill in the open because if you miss, 1/3rd of your mp will be wasted and it will highly cut into your ability to do damage.

Conclusion: This is one of those skills you MUST max in order to sufficiently deal damage and kill. It is possible to kill an opponent without it, but against someone the same skill level as you it's very difficult to win without the extra damage from D-fist.


Pros: This skill can be used to dodge some attacks because it has invincibility frames You can cut right past holy spirit or moon pieces and land a hit. The other great ability of this skill is that it stuns when it hits allowing you to cast a powerful skill to own =]. If you use this skill correctly,it is almost impossible to wiggle out of the stun before flash fate hits. In tight situations where you're on the floor and you know your opponent will catch you the moment you wake up, you can use this skill to escape due to its quick speed.

Cons: This skill has a mega high cool down time of 55 seconds. This makes this skill almost a one time use per life. The cast time on this skill isn't considered as high or low but it's high enough for people to react and escape it. If you use this skill straight into your opponents melee, this skill will be canceled out instead of your opponent being stunned. The only time this will hit is on a good prediction or when your opponent is vulnerable from the side or from behind.

Conclusion: Definitely put one skill point into this. Even if it you can't hit it often, when it hits you can drain your opponent of lots of hp. At higher levels, it's almost possible to kill from one combo after hitting with blow.

Finishing Blow

Pros: This skill is for hitting people that are knocked down. Compared to space attack this has a much faster cast time allowing it to hit more often. You can use this skill for people who lay down to avoid your attack and knock them further into a favorable position. When your opponent barely has any life left, this will kill your opponent while the space bar would let them get up even with 0 hp. This skill can also be used to fight against play dead. You can quickly cancel this skill by dashing back in case of screw ups to prevent yourself from being in danger. This skill also has a somewhat low reuse time so you can use it quite often against people who play dead or stay down.

Con: And again, .5 cast time is something you can react too. After a few uses in one battle, your opponent will begin to safe fall through this skill (assuming they can get use to it). Landing this skill after a combo is not too easy and at level one the damage becomes pathetic when you fight higher levels. Maxing this skill out isn't too good either because if you want damage, there are much better alternatives. Theres also another skill that you can get that does the same thing as finishing blow (hurricane sword). In my opinion it does much better compared to this skill.

Conclusion: I really don't recommend getting this skill. I have it at level one and I hardly get the chance to use it. Lately I've been using it more and more against play dead and people who lay down so it's not something I completely regret but like I stated earlier, hurricane sword probably does a much better job and has more uses.


Pros: This skill has low mp usage, quick cast time, and at higher level it has a quick reuse time. This skill can counter many damaging attacks such as Destruction fist and can block blow preventing yourself from being stunned. This skill also does around 80 damage when it's maxed. The opponent receives damage when he or she is countered. You can use this skill to when your opponent gets up to make them flinch and take advantage of that. You can also use counter when you accidentally leave yourself wide open from a missed dash A S.

Cons: At level one this skill has a reuse time of 60 seconds. If you do not maxed this skill the number of times it'll save you is likely to be one. And considering you cannot use this skill often you'd probably want to save it to counter a powerful skill like D-fist so you might end up not using this skill at all in a match. However, against other classes that are out so far, it'll be used to counter wake up attack and saving yourself from a vulnerable spot so it's not too bad. This skill takes some time to get use to using so do not expect yourself to think it's all that great immediately. Your first impression will probably be “OMG this skill sucks! I can never time it right! It's so hard to use!”

Conclusion: At least get one into this skill. It'll save you many times and let you continue raping many times. Whether you max this skill or not will solely depend on your playing style like if you prefer to bait more or if you charge more meaning there's more times you'll be vulnerable.

Sky Slashing

Pros: It resets correction allowing you to do full damage with a skill. MP usage isn't too high considering it resets correction. Cast time is extremely fast so it will hardly ever be canceled and reuse time isn't too bad either. You can use this skill to force your opponent into immediately getting up or using their A attack which you can then immediately counter and grab them again. If they fail to escape and end up getting hit them you can deal additional damage so it's gain/gain situation. As far is it goes, I'm almost 100% percent sure the perfect SS exists. Combo fully tested various times, and when the combo was replicated perfectly, it always hit. This was tested in an actual testing environment where the testers knew when the SS was coming to avoid it. If by some random chance that all the SS we hit with the perfect replication (which was like 10 times) of the combo were done by lag, then well... sucks =P

Cons: Against lower level players and laggers this skill will work wonders, but against higher level players, it'll almost always miss, and you'll end up being caught in their dash AS. This skill will work wonders if you can consistently do the perfect SS. As for the difficulty in doing it... I really can't give a scale anymore. Lets see... imagine feeling the air time for a skill like tornado for a flash fate, and imagine that the tornado doesn't bounce them up to the max height. Instead, your enemy is already instantaneously at the peek when they're caught. If you can feel how long they are in the air for until they drop without seeing the bounce up and time FF to hit, then you can start ace the perfect sky slash in self made combos. For those who didn't get what I just said, assume it's bloody hard.

Conclusion: Level 1, 2 or 6. Level 1 is all that's required to hit nearly everything, but the skills with the same cast time (or higher duh) as flash fate. Level 2 adds more air time, and does a bit more damage I guess. The stats say it gives more damage, but in actuality, defense might chip that down a lot. I don't have enough skill resets to have SS level 2, so those who do, feel free to PM to show me up. The extra air time from level 2 is sufficient to ensure a more secured DFist. Level 6 is for flash fate. Again, don't have the skill to test with. I recommend AGAINST it. Flash fate can go well with tornado just as well without the extra skill points needed in it not to mention you can only do this once per life anyhow. A pvp build is TIGHT on points if you wanna have a fairly strong build.

Iron Hammer

Pros: This skill is also one of those skills you will have to dish out big damage. On the first stroke it will do relatively 300 damage and the second stroke it will hit twice both doing another 300-400 damage (ouch!). As we've seen in old korean videos, the first hit can be canceled to combo on, but in the recent GNGWC video Helix ripped, neither of the knights canceled the first hit to juggle so I'm not sure it can be canceled anymore. Even if it can't be canceled an extra 300-700 damage is sweet assuming that it hits. Those last two hits can be avoided. The 1.16 cast time is for both of the shots. In actuality it can be casted after AAS and it gives a higher air time than triple kick which will let you go combo happy.

Cons: The first thing I'll note is the reuse time. Ouch. A full 300 seconds. For sure this skill will only be used once per life. No way can anyone live for 5 minutes without dying in PvP. It's Mp consumption is pretty high as well. A whole 312 mp at level one. I'm not sure how much mp we'll have at level 60 but 300 is 1/3 of my mp at level 54 and I have some int + gear too.

Conclusion: No doubt this skill should deserve one point. I heard a level 60 has 2500+ life. We need all the damage we can get =P. Once per life should be more than enough considering how much damage it does already. I think this skill should stay at level one because the damage increase between level 1 and level 3 isn't all that significant to spend 2 more points on it.


Crescent Moon Swords

Pros: The damage at max level is pretty high. It is relatively 129 damage four times if you to hit a full blast. The mp consumption is pretty low, the reuse time is low, the cast time is pretty high so it’s easy to cancel with a spell but if someone tries to approach with melee chances are they’ll be hit due to cms wide range. It’s almost wide enough to hit from behind. This skill is very useful for PvP for 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4. CMS can be used as an alternate to whirling sword and flash fate in a whirlwave combo when both are on cooldown. It's generally safer to land CMS rather than flash fate and can be a great finisher if your opponent is low on hp. The uses aren't as versatile as whirling sword and whether you'll be comboing after whirlwave or using CMS will depend on the opponent's hp and your mana. This skill can be used tactically in PvP to land some hits. Landing one or more hits per use will net you a lot of overall damage.

Cons: In 1v1 this skill will rarely have a chance to hit against people who play very safe. All chances it has will normally be replaced by other more powerful skill. For example if you use blow then cms, a knight can play dead after the first hit and a wizard can bitter cold breath. However, later on you will find yourself using flash fate over cms after blow.

Conclusion: If you plan to do 2v2 or have good 1v1 tactical play highern then I would recommend getting this skill . However, if you plan to strictly be a 1v1 build then I would say skip it. Even with the whirlwave use of CMS, I don't believe you can continue the flow of your game as CMS will give them enough distance to recover.

Hurricane Sword

Pros: Hurricane sword is low mana consumption and can hit multiple times. It can knock down so it can be used to kill someone who is flashing red at 0hp. Another use this skill has is to hit someone when they play dead whlle keeping a safe distance. It can also be a replacement for spacebar when whirlwave sword drops the monster on the floor. This skill can be used to force your opponent to get off the ground as well meaning you have more control over their wake up. If you can count your opponents cool downs and you're fighting a sieg who will use counter when they get up, this is a perfect way to counter it as they'll take like nearly 100 damage, some mana, and the use of counter for the next so many seconds. The best use that I’ve seen is when cross cut and kicking are on cool down and you have no means to add air time you can let them drop and use hurricane sword to keep them down while you position yourself to continue kicking ass =D.

Cons: The width of this skill is very low so hitting with this skill for knock down is relatively hard. This skill has many usages but all of them aren’t so easy to do. It’s not too hard to avoid this skill when you’re laying down consider it has a cast time of around .7.

Conclusion: I wouldn’t really recommend spending more than one point into this skill, but I personally think this skill adds a lot of control to Sieg's game play and is very useful.

Thunder Sound

Pros: At max level it has a 50% slow down rate. Slow will highly affect combos as well (half dash and shifts are horrible) It can be used to completely slow a wizard down enough to constantly rape them or have a 100% blow rate. This will knock opponents down from ground into tornado again and can help you catch them in tornado. Slowing down slimes who are already slow to begin with is killer useful. Can knock down in PvP.

Cons: Slow cast time and small range for knock down. Easy to get out of but when used in coordination with tornado it will cause slow down. The damage from this skill varies like mad and won't damage when they're in air (so I believe).

Recommendation: Max or 0. Depending on your play style and how much you like torturing Dainns and Siegs.

Whirling Sword

Pros: I cannot emphasize enough how hot this skill is! It has low cast time, low mana usage, good reuse time, it’s highly comboable (the after animation can be canceled to continue comboing), does HIGH damage, has decent range and width, it can knock down. It is GOD pvp skill (#2 anyways).

Cons: It's only possible to cancel whirling sword from 90 degree angles excluding forward, so missing sometimes causes a panic and inability to NOT dash diagonal(Credit:Bananza).

Conclusion: MAX MAX MAX!! This skill will be doing at least 1/3 of all your damage output!! Without this skill you have nothing to fill in all the damage done by this skill!

Flash Fate

Pros: This skill does 600-700 damage when it hits. It is possible to combo after this skill to deliver even more damage. Unlike CMS you cannot play dead on this skill because it knocks you up on the very first hit. 200 mp for this much damage isn’t considered high mp at all so not bad.

Cons: Its high cast time makes it impossible to actually hit without previously hitting with blow or whirlwave sword. It’s reuse time will only allow you to use this skill once per life but due to the difficulty of hitting it the reuse time is really not a problem. The width for the skill is horrible so you might miss even if it looks like you’re gonna hit.

Conclusion: Maxing this skill out would give you a total of 900 damage + with one skill. However, there are other ways to achieve an extra 300 damage and it’s more secure than flash fate. This skill deserves at least one point for it’s high damage and it’s the best skill to hit after blow.

Whirlwave sword (god skill #1)

Pros. Low mp usage for the amazing thing it does. This skill will reset correction at level 4 within a combo and continue to lock your opponent within the tornados allowing you to use skills into the tornado and continue to rape in full power. It can also be used as a defensive skill while you’re being chased you can just fire a whirlwave sword and completely reverse the situation. Because the cast time is only .25 it’s almost impossible to cancel it while they’re chasing you. Another use is for an easy knock up when they’re about to die. I’ve done this once and I must say it’s a flashy way to go out =P.

Level info:

Level 1: Won't reset correction, won't last long, best used as AAS tornado dfist.

Level 2: Will reset correction after dash as or aas (thanks to lunar), same use as level 1. Lasts long enough to do flash fate after.

Level 3:Will reset correction when second tornado hits(Thanks to lunar), lasts long enough to catch them when they stay down on floor, but won't near wall, best used near wall, when shot one tornado might go astray.

Level 4: Will reset correction after first or second bounce, lasts long enough to chase people down and can dfist reset correction flash fate, escapable, best used near wall as well, all three tornado comes out lined up horizontally in front of your character.

Cons: At level one to three, it will hardly ever reset correction. It has to hit the floor and you have to use space bar to make the enemy flinch so the tornado catches it again and the combo IDNed posted will only work 4 because of this odd characteristic that I’ve yet to figure out. This skill has a high reuse time 60 seconds meaning you’ll hardly ever get to use it twice in the same life. However, one use of whirlwave sword with dfist will reduce your opponent’s life by half in the level 50 range. Also so far this skill at level one has weak induction meaning it might not chase your opponent so well and might fly off to random spots if they’re a bit far from you or your aim is a bit off.

Conclusion: For maximum effect level this skill to four so it is easier to reset correction and make the tornado stay longer and chase more effectively.



Pros: This skill kicks three times and can be canceled anywhere along the three kicks. Highly flexible skill. It gives lots of air time after the third kick so it's easy to combo after it. It has the fastest reuse time of all Sieg skills meaning you can use it to add air time to your combos very often. Similarly to cross cut, it is almost impossible to combo without this skill. It's easier to combo without cross cut than it is without kicking. This skill will be the basis to all your combos for the longest time. At maximum level kick will also be adding a lot of damage to your long combos. Basically this is another cross cut with better air time. Another great use to this skill is that if you time it right u can chain infinite meteor sword or dfist after the third kick.

Cons: Using this skill for it's knock up ability is almost pointless because a normal a attack has more triple kick. So compared to cross cut it lacks in that area. With cross cut it's also possible to land both of the strikes for more damage. Even if it's rare it's a possibility to do 2 times as much damage as kicking.

Conclusion: This skill is a must at level one for damaging combos and long combos. I would suggest maxing this if you decide to not max cross cut. I compare these two skills with each other because maxing one of these two skills will add a lot of damage to your combos. It's not recommended to max both though because of maxing both will drain all your mp quickly and the damage output will not be as great in the long run compared to maxing out another skill.

Wind kick

Pros: At level one it's a good escape skill when you're trapped and can't safely get off the floor. It's also great for knocking down in PvP to do the kill. Since it has a long range and fast cast time. The mp consumption is so low that you won't even notice it when you use the skill for these two reasons.

Cons: Although the cast time is .10 seconds, this attack is still easy to cancel because of the way the skill hits. At the very first hit or two, Sieg does a spin with his sword on the floor. This is no movement and only hits the front on the first hit so if anyone attacks from the side this skill is instantly canceled. If you decide that you like this skill so much that you will max it, well, it doesn't do a lot of damage in pvp seeing as there are 6 air hits after the first meaning the damage will eventually be reduced to a very low amount. Kicking at max level will probably do something like 300 damage and that's if you hit it with no previous air hits which could be hard later on.

Conclusion: This skill only deserves one skill point seeing as how the damage isn't so high and the escape abilities aren't great. However, it's knock down ability probably the best of all Sieg skills and it's not easy to knock down someone who's running around and spamming skills ~_~.

Whirlpool sword

Pros: This is another escape from the floor or dangerous position skill. It has a far range and moves fast for escaping. This skill can also be used to grab first hit here because of it's speed and combo-ability. It can be used in a combo, as recently seen in videos. Although it can be replaced with regular melee in the situations it can be used in, I'm thinking they use it for it's ability to further position your opponent and to add a skill in the combo because of tournament rules stating you can only melee for so many strings before a skill.

Cons: This skill doesn't knock down at all. The damage dealt isn't that great even if you max it compared to other skills that do good damage. The mana use it is relatively high so the usefulness of this skill drops because you won't use it

Conclusion: If you get caught a lot and don't have enough ways to escape then put one point into this. Otherwise skip it.

Flying Dragon Sword

Pros: It has a quick cast time, low mp usage, does good damage, has invulnerability frames (easier to use than blow too), and can be used so that you can combo after it. The invulnerability frames will last you through every skill that has homing even tornado. It's the perfect escape skill against spells and if you do it right, it will deliver heavy damage at higher levels too. As an example of the damage this does because it seems to be underestimated a lot currently my Flying dragon sword is at level 5 and it does 400 damage while Dfist does 600 at level 8. You can also use this skill to escape off the ground and sometimes if they're waiting in front of your body well.. instant few hundred hp off their life.

Cons: It is slightly hard to hit and will get harder and harder to hit with it as people get use to it. This skill has 3 air hits after the initial so it will suffer correction and using it in a combo is sometimes just not worth it. Even with the basic combo starter. AAS you have to delay it so it drops a little or flying dragon sword won't hit all four hits. This makes flying dragon sword extremely difficult to use, but like they say, no pain no gain. Also, this skill has a delay when you drop down, so if you randomly spam it and miss you could possibly be screwed. On escaping with get up, this could also be a probably if you don't vary what you escape with.

Conclusion: Depending on how good you get with this skill you will automatically decide what to do with it.However, FDS at high level for damage is hard to land other than AAS FDS or AA dash AS.

Infinite Meteor Sword

Pros: This skill can be combod after kicking for some damage but it's not too efficient due to damage correction, mp consumption and it's difficult to pull off. It is a good delay when all your other skills are on cool down. THIS SKILL LETS YOU COMBO AFTER. So if you have lots of mana left and no other skills to use you can use this for damage and delay in your long combo.

Cons: It has a high mp consumption for low damage. It's an odd choice to use for mana regeneration and in damage. It's hard to hit without comboing it. I don't see much practical use to it.

Conclusion: Level 1 can be used for comboing. It's blazing hard to do so and equally hard to combo after. Level 2 is recommended for comboing in general. It adds air time where level 1 wouldn't of. Level 4 is the next stop point to maximize possible damage without wasting extra points.


Magic Defense

Pros: This skill ignores all magic damage for a short duration rendering hit and runners useless against you so you can go for some quick killing to turn the situation over. Not only is it great versus hit and runners. It is also great versus Dain and Eir because all of their damage comes from magic =P. Suckersss =]. It's cast time is great so you can use to ignore a magic attack that you see coming.

Cons: The duration this skill lasts is extremely short. The recommended level is level three and at that level the duration is only 16 seconds. To top it off, there is a delay after the initial cast that wastes about 1.5-2 seconds off the bat. Further more, if they see you casting magic barrier they can melee the crud of out of you in the period of this delay. To prevent this it's best to cast it immediately as they cast a spell on you such as fire orb or moon pieces. This skill's reload time is huge also so don't expect to use this twice in one life. Even if all magic damage is ignored all magic effects stay such as slow, poison, burn and etc. Another disadvantage is that this skill requires a reagant so be prepared to spend a lot in a short period if you're fighting a good Dainn or a good Eir.

Conclusion: This skill should be at level three or five because of the reagant divide. The reagants are fairly easy to gather with elf garden.


Pros: This skill can cancel other skills and cause other enemies to flinch and be pulled towards you so you can get first hit. You have to cancel provoke by dashing in order to get first hit. In pvp, getting first hit and dealing damage are critical and this helps you accomplish one half of the above. Using this skill just to cancel a skill is a waste, if you have time to provoke it's easier to just dodge it. The best usage for provoke would be to cancel a spell and get the first hit from it.

Cons: Provoke can lead you to dash A S directly into a miss and leave yourself vulnerable. It is not the easiest skill to use and getting first hit with it isn't as easy as it sounds if you fight someone use to this skill. Sometimes you'll find yourself a bit late and fail to cancel the spell, and then you lose time to run away from the spell meaning you'll eat damage >_>.

Conclusion: This skill is a must max for all PvPers due to its usefulness. At level one the range is just pathetic so it can't cancel or get first hit. If you can get first hit through level one provoke you probably don't even need the provoke part of the combo. Just dash A S would probably hit.

Rage Explosion

Pros: It does mad damage. This skill lets you critical every physical hit allowing you to kill mega fast. This skill is probably more useful in 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 due to the amount of skill spamming within these fights.

Cons: What more fun can there be than to instantly drop your HP in an intensive PvP? This skill takes off a chunk of your hp to do more damage. Sounds fun. (Credit: Miseri)Most likely when someone sees you rage explosion they'll be running like crazy so there's really no easy way to deal damage using this skill. The only possible way I see is through provoke, which isn't easy to hit against a person who's just aiming to run away. This also has a cast time of .7 seconds which is easily cancelable. It also has a delay after cast similar to magic barrier which leaves you vulnerable or gives them lots of time to escape. The only possible way I've thought to use this is through whirlwave sword, but it needs to be a high level whirlwave sword or it won't last long enough. Even then, you're already at a level high enough to cause fatal damage without rage explosion so really no point in using it then. Also elemental skills like CMS do not receive the critical bonus from rage. As stated earlier, only physical hits are counted. This skill requires two reagants so stock up even more.

Conclusion: Highly impractical in PvP. Skip it.

Protective Fortitude

Pros: It lets you regenerate hp and hp is vital in a pvp match. When you're low on hp, you can use this skill to regenerate enough to use play dead and provoke allowing you to still be on your feet in a PvP match. The hp you regen at high levels is fairly nice. Recently, I've seen more videos and another use of protective fortitude to is counter Tia's poison and Mage's burn. The numbers cancel out fairly well and you might even regen some HP. We've already got minimized the damage set for Tia so why not more =P.

Cons: Defense is also useless in PvP. Kismet has tested out that defense caps out at a really low number. According to him it caps at around 200 so any extra defense won't do you any good. However defense is noticeable against some skills such as finishing blow.

Conclusion: 4 points or 0 with the former as preference.

Play Dead

Pros: This skill will let you avoid almost every attack except for down attacks. Its cast time is instant so you can even use it in the midst of being hit by a skill or while they started a combo on you. Then you can instantly get up by dashing or pressing s to change the situation on them. Maxing this skill will let you use it twice in one life maybe for more amazing saves and turn arounds.

Cons: The reuse time on this skill is 50 seconds so it's a one time save thing. This skill will not save you when you have 0hp because it costs hp to use play dead. Higher level play dead will only shave off 5 seconds per level off the reuse time. The stay down duration isn't too important because you'll be aiming to get out safely asap and three seconds is more than enough.

Conclusion: At least one point into this because of it's amazing ability to turn the situation on someone and it's ability to dodge almost every painful attack.


Increase Health

Pros: It increases your hp by an amazing amount. This skill make knights well knights =P.

Cons: NONE. It's just that goood.

Conclusion: Max it! In pvp the slightest difference in hp can mean victory or defeat. Knights have the general disadvantage in getting first hit over other classes because we can't spell spam and our melee range and speed isn't the greatest of them all. This extra hp will provide you the extra margin and extra time to get that first hit and own.

Mana Recovery

Pros: Regenerates MP at a surprisingly fast rate. This is also the only means to regenerate MP other than dying. Not much to say here..

Cons: Also none.

Conclusion: Skills is the only way to deal damage for ANY class. No mp means no damage and no damage means you can't win. This skill is a MUST have for PvPers. It is nearly impossible to knock down someone with vitality gear without this skill.

Deadly Blow

Pros: It adds a chance to critical and if you critical on a skill it adds major damage. Luck is a part of battle too =].

Cons: The percentage it adds at level 1 is quite low. 3% isn't anything too solid to count on.

Conclusion: If you like critical go for one point into it. I personally think that putting 8 points into this skill is too much because other skills give more reliable damage.

Minimize the damage

Pros: It's said to be useful against Tia hits criticals 30% of the times once she gets the skill. The skill description for this is messed up so I'll give the skill description here: the percentage shown isn't the damage it takes off, it's the chances for an attack to hit it's minimum (like how weapons have a minimum and maximum damage.. yeah that minimum).

Cons: For it to take any effect at all it'd have to be at max which has a 90% chance to reduce damage I believe? And again four skill points is a lot to spend considering how many good skills we have >_>.

Conclusion: Possibly very useful against Tia. For now who knows, she's not out yet. We'll just have to see. Save skill points for it if you think it's useful. If not, skip!

Increase Mana

Pros: More mana means more damage!

Cons: At level 4 it's only 200 mp. At higher level that can't even get you a single cast on most damaging spells. It's also been said that at level 65 we'll have like 2000 mana so four points for 200 extra mp is just bull.

Conclusion: 200 is absolutely useless. Skip it.

FOR THOSE TOO DANG LAZY TO READ. Yes, I do realize this is a lot to read so I decided to do something about it. Yes, I do realize I stick the basic build at the END of my guide to ensure you've at least scolled through my guide so you can go wow, this guy musta been bored. Then the second time you come back to reference it, you'll start getting mad and never come back. *shrugs* You win some you lose some. I've added a basic skill build of what I think is the basic necessities of a good pvp build. Feel free to disagree, but it's my guide *snickers*

*NOTE*A few things like magic barrier, whirlpool, and hurricane sword, can be dropped out or decreased depending on how well you do in certain areas.


Added more detailed information regarding Protective Fortitude, Whirlpool sword, and Crescent Moon sword.
Slight changes made regarding hurricane sword and sky slashing.

Dec 15, 2007
More uses of protective fortitude.

January 06
Changed Iron Hammer info slightly
Added more use to CMS
More uses to IMS
More info on whirlwave
Added Thunder sound.
Added Banana's Whirling Con
Added Miseri's Rage Con

May 11, 2008
Changed Sky Slashing
Added basic Build
Minor fixes to magic barrier
updated IMS info
verified fortitude info