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Great guide.

This took me 2 minutes on my racoon due to galder throw. Any HV racoon, or if you want level1 galder throw racoon will have an extremely easy time at even level 80.
As you said, don't get overconfident, but you can't help it. Galder throw's cast time is around mid range, not as long as shuriken throw or card throw, but longer than those melee skills.
The only thing you have to be careful about is the range at which you throw the galder, it's pretty close to Giovanni.
My advice, click the hotkey and then click in the opposite direction of Giovanni

This took longer for my fox. (6 Tries -.-)
I'll recommend this for any class, have HIGH LK AND HV. Honestly I beat him with just over 5.2k Hp, just enough to survive his berserker critical and spam potions.
But with high, 60~70 LK and 40~50 HV you'll be seeing misses and blocks instead of 1284793860294 amount of damage.
Although HP is a must, LK and HV have just as much to do with your survival.

Once again GREAT guide, now I know how to beat him on my sheep and my lion. Many internets to you.