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Post Kanhel guide

If u been doing kanhel and getting pwned and are looking for a guide to help u> well then u have found it (MY GUIDE IS FOR SOME1 WHO HAS TABLET AND KEY)

1)When u first start kanhel u go into a room full of skelotons. Dont worry about the normal one go and atack the generals press a+a+s so they dont have time to attack after u got rid of them kill the rest.

2)That was the easy part. Now theres a series of walls if your a knight just go to the bottom squeeze in and use flying dragon sword or dfist to shoot you through or if u got a mage they can use ice wall to move them they should use fire moves as they do a lot of damage

3-a)If u are not the lurer wait for someone to say go.Then charge with everone else and break the rocks dont get in the middle.

3-b)If u are lurer go up and theres a spot were u are safe from his attacks. When he uses that move that makes things fall doudge them and continue luring(remember everyone is counting on u).After when they say switch go down and reapeat on other side(mages should use fire to drak that dragon thing works well dont know its name

4)After u break all the rocks you fight kanhel hes pretty simple stay behind him or on the side. If he flys stay in his shadow or have a mage use ice wall in front of him

5)After you get his health to about 1/4 he flys away then u go into room with ice statues and eyes. Hit an eye over useing flying dragon sword and stay with the group and break all the statues. Mages and healers should use ice barrier so some of the attacks can be blocked

6)KANHELS BACK and hes angry but his second battle seems to be a lot easier so just repeat the other steps that u used in first battle.

7)After u kill him a lot of items drop get the eyes,scales, and his horn (quests).

8)quests-the quests u should get are the 2 bottom ones from the first skeloton the ones from the second one and the top quest of the skeloton thats in the room with kanhel after u beat the last one i talked about u get a quest for a heavy duty rune(+20 cold resistance)


P.S. i hope my guide helped u its for newcomers who want to know how it will be so they dont look like noobs
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