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Originally Posted by HealMagic
there excellent =D

this guide is pretty good
Thanks a lot !

Originally Posted by Xpecial
On top of a description of each skill, put it's Pro and Cons instead of your opinion of that skill. (Many people will completely believe your opinions, and I have to say not all of your opinions are the best ones)

Also, add a skill build?
Yeah well. I did thought of wad u said, putting pros and cons instead. However, I find that having just the descriptions and listing the pros and cons are easily accessible to on this forum in other guides. Hence I believe that putting in my own opinion would be a better choice. So as not to mislead others I would edit a disclaimer into the guide saying that it is a choice of the player to decide wad build they would like and not follow mine.

As u said that not all of my opinions are the best, care to list down why and which are the not soo good ones? So i could probably do some editing to it. (:
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