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This should be exp farm guide for every class, not just Dainn. Also, another disclaimer you should include is that L Yeti Plateau, while it is fast 'experience' in game, in reality though, it nets you 0 experience in actual game play.

Which will then lead to the following:
When you get to level 5x after L Yeti Plateau for however many levels you did, you have gained 0 actual game play experience as a player. You have only gained character experience and levels. Therefore, when you hit that 5x mark and L Yeti Plateau experiences becomes slow and you try to get in cobolt raids, you will most probably die very fast in it then become blacklisted and a reject to all other high level players. Making you unable to join any high level parties.

I think you should include a suggestion in there and suggest that L Yeti Plateau be used only for people that have already had lvl 5x characters by training the regular way (kanhel, yeti cave, staging, etc) on their 2nd characters.

OR suggest kanhel and staging in the guide too, alongside L Yeti Plateau.