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Default The way of making dimly +9 item?

Until recently, when I went upgrading something, I always did the old routine of grading first then try +9, then dimly, but is this really the best way to get dimly +9 on an item especially something might be rare/unique?

I think that, if we were to make good/godly item, the best way would be the following:

- Directly go upgrading your desired items to +9
- Try to make as many +9 items without grading, say maybe least 3 to 4?
- Grade them after +9 (or even dimly before that if you wished)
- Dimly, if you haven't
*note* This work best with items you can mass produce, like say Legendary Elf Archer Sword; this method might not apply as good as on the rare/unique items, since most of the time they could be so rare to find and expensive, it will be hard to come out with 3 same items before grading.

I figured that many people probably already know this by now, but I will still explain why it's better this way =O

- When you got an good item (let's use example of L. Snowman Top which you want to make it with good VIT grade, +9, and dimly which also mean if you success that is one sick good item!), if you tried grading first, say if you got a +11 VIT grade, really, unless you're very used to breaking items, do you dare to risk of breaking the nice grading item you just got?

- When you're afraid to try it, you'll probably left that good item staying at +3 or +4, which is a total waste.

- But when you did the reversed way, if you +9 and dimly an item first, and get quite a number of them, it's easier to make good item.

- And the best part is, even if some of the items' grading turns out bad (just not bad enough like -6 or more VIT or -dmg grade), you can still sell them at a fairly good price! Why? Because it's freaking +9 and dimlied~ Sometime people won't care that much if the grading is still "ok" =]

P.S. To be honest, I haven't made that many items with +9 and dimly like many had done already, but I haven't now doesn't mean I can't in the future, so I'd still like to share this tiny bits of information with those who haven't thought about it =] GL to you all of making godly items~

P.S.(2) I just want to share some tips with people, even if this is well-known, please do not flame me >.> (if you think all these talk is a waste of time or junk, just ignore it...OTL)