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Originally Posted by jotatsu
I think the worse class for this stage is sieg, because of the proximity class attacks, the best one of course is a high lv mage, i think a party of two would be just perfect.
why do you think sieg is the worst class for this?...
the armor and stuff only boosts your basic a and s combos
so ranging with skills wouldnt do much
heck...i can hit something like twice and ive done as much damage as my Dfist

unless youre a high lvl (50+?) mage or offense healer and you can spam skills repeatedly, i dont see a point in range because it would take so darn long

if anyone thinks i have there's a problem in my thinking...lets hear it ^^[
(oh and if this was offensive in any way because of my usage/placing of words, sorry
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i like square 14...its divisible by 7