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Default Survival Guide to Ghost Hunter Forest

For the ppl who ask for it in-game

Lv: This stage have many lv, each one give you double reward (lv 1 - 1 coin , 2 - 2 ,3 - 4 ... 10 - 1024... , 18 - 131072, 19 - 262144, 20 - ?, i guess 524288 but never been there). You can exchange 100 coins = 1 silver, 100 silver = 1 gold = 1 box. Box can have 1-40 catalyst, 1 - 45 fort stones, 3 - 10 dimly, 1 - 6 shining, 1 - 6 brightly, 1 cold as far as i know. Some monsters drop also The Fortune of ghost Hunter Forest, witch give you the pig hat (that can be extracted for cash item coins )

I've divided the hunt in 3 stage, based on solo farm (values are aprox, party add hp and dmg to all monsters):

- Lv 1 - 8 Easy: Mob do 300 dmg, 1 boss have 20k hp and do 800 - 2000 dmg
- Lv 9 - 14 Medium: Mob do 600 dmg, 2-3 boss have 30k hp each and do 2000+ dmg
- Lv 15+ Hard: Mob do 1000 dmg, 3-4 boss have 50k hp each and do 3000+ dmg

Each stage give you a % of boss, lv 4, 10 and dont remebember the others got 100% change

- Be calm, especially on hard
- Only get bombs, dont use it till Hard
- resurrection stones makes "easy" the Hard part (starter package give you 20)
- only drink the mp potions when you are out of mp

Boss change prefix every time they get harder, prefix are :gently, normal, fierce, grief and spite. All boss attack names are, you know,


- frontal attack
- eye beam

The easy boss, you only need to wait for an eye beam to attack, or attack the arrival point in frontal attack


- frontal attack (fly)
- frontal attack (multiple)
- fireball spell

Attack while cast the fireball, watch out for the frontal multiple, because it will kill you on medium - high lv and the **** can change the direction of the attack.


- punch focus -> frontal attack
- 3 slash
- 360* sword
- whirlwind

I really hate this guys. Attack on the arrival point of punch focus, but most of the time need to do long range attacks. If you are really unlucky and get two of these guys, bomb it and quit. On Hard only the focus puch (without the frontal attack) do 2000+ dmg.


- Kick - Axe
- ...

This is the brute boss, high hp, high attack dmg, slow motions and dumb attack. You only need a little lure and side attack.


- frontal attack - stab

It only appear on hard lvs, its big, fast, and 1 touch- kill type. Its worth of a bomb of two. You can try long distance attacks or lure and side attack, but both are dangerous because of its speed.

There are a few non- boss enemy that deserve attention, like the summoners and the shadow. The summoners can hide undergound, cast sleep, and put skulls on the ground. The shadow are just anoying, can cast flames on floor, and front attack.

Final Observations.

- From time to time a boss do an attack that makes the bomb not work properly, watch out for this.
- I think the worse class for this stage is sieg, because of the proximity class attacks, the best one of course is a high lv mage, i think a party of two would be just perfect.
- On Hard lv mob and boss can drop gold coins

Note: GM if you see any (lot) typo or bad word/pharse, pls correct it, im still learning english
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