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which is why healers (well, i do) use sunlight of healing to heal when many are fighting the boss as it has larger range and lower cast time, but this restores less then the light of healing, so the additional hp wont last that long. if i were to use light of healing near a player who was fighting at the same time, i would most likely have to cancel the heal before it reaches its full effectiveness.

if u wish to continue fighting and comboing go ahead but kindly stop and run to the nearest healer when ur about to die, even if ur in the middle of the combo as life is more important then damage. if u dont, and u die, its ur own fault. i have nothing against people who accidently die, as long as they dont blame the healer, because it was their own fault.

true, theres bead of healing, but it sometimes targets the player with full health instead of the dying one (this cannot be controlled by the healer if all allies are in the same direction), so those who are dying still need to catch the bead.

btw good job on starting this thread.

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