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Ok, im sick of ppl shouting and spamming about ppl not getting heals, its simple, when you concentrate on the boss/mob, you cant just look elsewhere (for me), i tend to just dodge atks from bosses and no notice a healer sneaking up behind me for a heal, then they start spamming cuz i moved 1 mm away from the heal. We like to get healed, but its just not possible when you are right about to be atked by a boss. During regular mobs, you healers complaint alot about missing heal. Have you ever realized that the most damaging part of a combo is near the end? when we hit, we move, its part of the game, so either heal closer to the monster or wait till then end of the combo, cuz chances are, we aint stopping in the middle of a combo.

lvl 23 seig - ElfStab

o 0<>[]

o = healer
0 = me
<> = my atk
[] = monster

when i atk

o o<>[]

i move, but healers

o ) ) o<>[]

)) = healing thingy
so, move closer

o )o)<>[]

or wait till im done

o )o) []

There, every1 happy