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Default Helping healers out

I thought i might as well post this in the general forum seeing as how its for everyone to know and not just healers.

A lot of people have annoying habits which means playing a healer is very difficult. These following "lessons" are just suggestions, you can still play how you want, but if you want to make your healer's life easier, it would be wise to follow these guidelines :

Lesson 1 : Carry potions.

Unless you're in a 2-man party, a healer is not your personal hospital. Not only that, but as we know, skills have cooldowns. When a healer is dealing with a 4 man party, he/she has to consider every member. A healer cant always attend to every single member at every second and neither can they always focus on one person for too long. A healer has to keep the whole party AND themselves alive. Especially difficult in boss fights. Please please carry pots. Money is hardly an issue in Lunia and having your own pots to heal yourself would be a lifesaver, not only for yourself, but for your party as well, as there is less for the healer to worry about.

Lesson 2 : Stop running away from the damn heal range

Unless you're in a crazy bossfight, for the most part, HOLD STILL when a healer is trying to heal you! This is one of the most annoying habits that nearly everyone does, even the healer themselves. If you notice a healer is trying to heal you, and you're outside the range, try and run inside it and get some of that healing done. But really, dont make a healer waste MP and a whole skill cooldown just because you cant stay still for a few seconds.

Lesson 3 : Bead of healing is not a crazy enemy skill

Similar to the above, this healing skill (i believe, in my opinion) is one of the best skills in a healer's arsenal. It homes into your target and can even be casted if you're far away and will even go off screen in some cases. So for god's sakes, dont run away from the bead of healing while its homing in on you. It looks like a big purple orb floating slowly towards you. This skill can actually SAVE YOUR LIFE so stop dashing away from it like a madman. Similarly if a healer is trying to heal you with this skill, make things easier by actually running into the orbs to speed the process up.

Lesson 4 : Protect your healer!

Healer's have a skill called "price of sacrifice" which sacrifices half of your hp (roughly, sometimes its more, depends on skill level) and completely restores your MP so you can heal people straightaway. Ever notice healer's health go down suddenly when they cast that weird skill? Yeah. Its that one.

So if you're seeing a pack of monsters slowly running up to your healer while he/she is casting either THIS spell or a healing spell to heal themselves, protect them! I know you're busy whacking your own mob, but do keep an eye on your healer. A healer is most vunerable in this low-hp state and 9/10 times i died is because i was low on hp from this skill. Similarly if a healer is casting a healing skill and some other monster is running towards them, make sure you whack it and keep it out of the way. For most of the healing skills, a healer cant actually move until the spell is done. So protect your healer!

Final Lesson : Dont take em for granted

Healers arent exactly rare, but that doesnt mean you have to treat them like bitches either. Dont say "HEAL PLEASE" or "HEAL ME NAO" - we'll come round to it. A healer isnt your personal slave or gimp for you to scream at. Please treat them politetly!

Thanks for reading