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holy spirit then tears combo is great does 200 ++ dmaage if done corrrectly just because monsters fly in the air >.> that's the only time i use tears I don't think there is alot of point to waste sp points but it is good UI should addd more in holy spirit XD lower cool down time <3
charcters I have in the server that starts with S ...
soulsound - lv 3X EIR! {current stage : 2-5 LEGEND!}
soulsoundmage- lv 2X mage =P drake/daru farms till I finish with my eir { current stage: 1-3 LEGEND! }

I got in the other server
soulsoundblade= lv 1X sieg when ever the US server is screwed >.> { current stage 3-1 HISTORY >.> till I find a party [help need] }

Current status : not logging into lunia till something good happens >.>