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Default Emergency Server Restarts!

Originally Posted by LuniaGM

Hello, Lunians

Lunia Global servers are currently under emergency server restart.

Please check following emergency server restart schedule.

[Emergency Server Restart Schedule]
- 2007.8.22 01:13 am ~ 02:13 am (1 hour)

[Target Server]
- Soldin (America / Europe)

[Service Status during Emergency Server Restart]
- All Lunia game service will be closed during this service hour

Rigth after having emergency server restart, following problem will be solved.

1. Can't select my game character from character list.
2. Can't enter Stage / Square
3. Character is locked within Stage / Square

- Lunia Staff -

P.S. Sorry for giving hard time playing Lunia. LuniaGM will do anything to fix this problem. LuniaGM promises to bring up high quality of game service to all Lunians.
Hope the problems will be fully resolved, now we wait. ;D

Kotarou: Thanks for the post! Moved to "Lunia Announcements".

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