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Never have, and never will spend tons and tons on a town.
I was once so close to getting Hunter Master pet, the last item on the list. But after a couple more coins, I gave up. It's not worth it to me, to try get one item and keep getting the same stuff over and over. Despite loving the pet, and having a guildmate with two of 'em. >_>

Maybe I give up too easily, but I'd feel very unhappy if I spent tons of coins to get one item, reach my limit as to how much I wanted to spend, and end up not getting it.

My latest motivation to Gacha, was Dorothy. I just loved that pet since I saw her in jTO, and gave it a shot. A lucky shot. 31 coins and she was mine. I would've gone up to 50 coins (because the Super Gacha Coin was available). Honestly, despite loving her, I just don't think it'd be worth spending 50 coins on it if the Super Gacha Coin wasn't available.