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Default Eir Guide

Eir - The Healer

Guide By: Jordan M. (Sey)


The Eir


Hello, first off I would like to thank you for reading my guide. I have been playing Lunia since the first day of OB and I thought it was about time that I made a guide. This is only the 3rd guide that I have written, but don't start judging me by the number of guids that I've written Well I just wanted to introducen myself and tell you what I was all about. Please enjoy my guide on Eir-TheHealer.

The Eir


Here are the basic controls for the Eir.

A - Attack

S - Special Attack

Spacebar - Jump Attack

Basically this is how the controls work. A is just a regular attack with your wand, S is an attack in which the Eir makes an airborn star and shoots it out at the oppnent, and the Spacebar is used to attack a monster when it is already down on the ground. All of these attacks can be put into combos but those will be explained later in the guide. First comes the stats!


First off I would like to just say that you have no control whatsoever over your stats when you level. You automatically gain points everytime you level, or everytime you put on certain gear, Below is an explanation of the Eir's stats.

Base Stats
Strength - 21
Defence - 0
Dexterity - 10
Reduce Damage - 0
Vitality - 26
HitPoints - 130
Intelligence - 12
MagicPoints - 60
Attack - 7~8
Resistance - 0

Stats Per Level
Strength +2
HitPoints +10
Dexterity +2
MagicPoints +15
Vitality +2
Intelligence +3
Damage +1

That is pretty much all the stats are about. Next up are the Eir's Skills :]


Each time you level up you will get +1 Skill Points to put into whichever skills you want to. And additionally every 4 levels you get another extra Skill Point. This means that once you reach level 65 you will have had 80 Skill Points to use. Below are all of the Eir's skills.






Skill Build

Ok, now we are at the best part of the guide. This skill build was intended to be used by someone who wants to have an equal amount of healing and damage power without running out of MP almost every 5 seconds. Below is my skill build.

Eir Skill Build
Light of Healing - 10/10
Sunlight of Healing - 10/10
Moonlight Pierce - 10/10
Full Moon Bullet - 9/9
Price of Sacrafice - 3/7
Tears of Goddess - 9/9
Mana Increase - 8/8
Increase Health - 4/4
Deadly Magic Blow - 7/7
Moonlight Chain - 9/9
Concentrate - 1/5

Total Points: 80

If you want to you can move the one point from Concentrate into Price of Sacrafice. Just remember that you do not have to follow this build. This build is only a suggestion.


There are very few combos that I could find on my own that seemed somewhat effective. This part of the guide is under construction until I get a better amount of combos. Below are the combos that I found.

2 attacks
3 attacks
4 attacks with added knockdown
2 attacks and 2 air attacks
2 attacks then air attack + 3 attacks
Same as above but with added ground attack
Launches a PINK projectile while does damage and knocks opponent down (can hit multiple)
shoots a PURPLE projectile which stuns. (can hit multiple)

If anyone has any combos that they would like to submit it would be deeply appreciated.


This is my most unfavorite part. This guide is intended only for your personal use. In no way may it be distributed to any other site. This guide is only for If you would like to host this guide on your website please PM me. Thank you.

If anyone has any suggestions or anything that they would like me to add please let me know. Special thanks to Ayumi and Optical for the combo help.

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