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Trying my best translating with a cruddy dictionary for now. I need my mom's help.

If only she was here. -headdesk- Once I get the energy to go downstairs and actually look up words, I'll fix the errors.

Boom Slime:
전진하며 물기 (A) - Bite while advancing
빠른 물기 (S) - Quick bite
헤딩 (space bar) - Heading

Big Slime:
빠르게 물기 (A) - Bite quickly
자신 주변을 도는 위성 슬라임 만들며 전진 (S) - Pretty much "Spin around, make slimes attack"; what the Giant Slime does as he spins around and slimes spawn around him
스핀 공격 (space bar) - Spin attack

Emerald Slime: (What the heck is this?)
작은 분신 슬라임 발사 (A) - Small burning slime advance (Probably burns itself and attacks?)
작은 분신 슬라임 연속 발사 (S) - Continuous small burning slime advance (Several slimes attacking at once?)
스핀하며 푸른 소용돌이 만들기 (space bar) - While spinning create a blue whirlpool

Blue Slime: (Or, Giant Slime?)
슈퍼빔 (A) - Super beam
전방으로 분신 슬라임 발사하기 (S) - Literally "Shoot slimes foward." Multiple slimes shoot out like missles.
주변으로 분신 슬라임 발사하기 (Space bar) - Literally "Shoot slimes all around." When it spins in place, it spews out slimes in all directions. That pain in the butt skill? Yeah.

Edit: ^ When I started Legend 1-1 just yesterday, and got to 1-3, the Giant Slime thing (I'm not so sure of its name because I never pay attention to it; if it's the Blue Slime, then, well, they're talking about the one in 1-3) had a skill that let it spin around, let it spawn slimes, and move around. It's invincible to attacks that time, so I think that 주변으로 분신 슬라임 발사하기 (Space bar) is that skill. Not so sure. Wording was hard for me. D: /end edit

I'm surprised I finished this in a few minutes. I think it's rather accurate, though I hated translating "Attack" and "Advance" to make it sound... like English. Yay for dictionaries.

-pats back- Writing the Korean out without the stickers and trying my best to memorize it hard. -sigh- I guess ~ nine years of Korean school pays off? >3> Here you go.

On another note. I'm SO getting Lime. XD
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