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Default Namco X Capcom

Namco X Capcom is a crossover strategic, action hybrid roleplaying game. It takes some original characters, and characters from many other game series. (ex. Xenosaga [KOS-MOS <3], Tekken, Street Fighter, the Tales series, Megaman, and many other old time series.)

The story is about two characters, the original ones, named Reiji and Xiaomu who work for a organization named Shinra and deal with the paranormal.

The gameplay is pretty nice, with your basic tactics map movement but when you take an action against an enemy, you go to a Valkyrie Profile-esque (Though less options) battle system and can commence combos, and even co-op attacks.

This game, sadly, was never ported to the western globe. However, a full translation of the game has been made, and is playable.

The translation was done by the fangroup Transgen. There is also a sequel-ish named Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga.