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Default Good stages to make money.

Well this is under construction, And i'll add in my own stages that I find are good, And Other people's stages -with- an explanation, No explanation = No add
|Current Stages|

Stage: 1-3
Why:Good for the lower levels, at least 25s per quest if you activate the quest at the beginning, "Legendary" is quite good, gives 1g per run with the chance of a rare 20g coin at the end, Yes 20 G
$$$ Obtained: Lower Levels: 25s+, Legendary level: 1g+
Things That Would Help: Nothing recommended

Stage: 1-10
Why: Guaranteed 40 silver (Drops and Equips from boss add more) From doing the repeatable quest, It gives 10 Catalysts/Fort stones, 40 silver, And that letter "A" for the "LUNIA" letter gathering quest.
$$$ Obtained: 40s+
Things That Would Help: A good party, A Healer just in case, also right when you get to the boss rush him, use some skills, then rush back, Cause when bosses talk, They don't attack or anything, so they are very vulnerable, Soloing on my 17 sieg i've gotten it to ~75% while he's talking.

Stage: 2-10
Why: The monsters give o.k. drops, you can sell the stuff from loose boxes/reagent boxes, And the main source of income from this stage is of course the boss battle, I obtained a sword that i sold for 1.2g once i believe.
$$$ Obtained: 5s~(Rarely)1.2g
Things That Would Help:When Mr. Drake starts flying go to the bottom of the map, He tends to do less around that area, and it's easier to see where he's coming from.

Stage: 3-3
Why: According to Arget, it gives Rare Box #3, which gives around 30-40S each, and up to 70S per box.
$$$ Obtained: 0+ due to etc drops. (IF NO RARE BOX) //\\ 30S~(Unfrequently)70S (Per Rare Box) // Arget: Up to 1g per run
Things That Would Help: Arget: Easy boss and easy monsters.

Uhm yeah, these are the only stages I farm lol, So lemme know if you guys find ones that are better.

Format for stage submission.

$$$ Obtained: