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Default Lunia Website Updated!

Hello to all Lunian and Arcade Action RPG game lovers

Lunia Official Website has updated. This update is prepared for opening up Lunia Open Beta service at the end of July.

Lunia Official Website update is focused on providing more helpful information such as various How-to tips.

Check following changes and get ready to start up Lunia Open Beta Service soon!

[Lunia Official Website Update List]

1. Everyone (including Lunia CB players) need to get a exclusive login ID and Password by doing [Sign Up] process. Newly created ID
and Password will be used for logging Game Server as well.
(During the Lunia Closed Beta service, so many players were confused about their login ID and Password. LuniaGM decided to have
an exclusive login ID and Password for only Lunia Official Website and Lunia Game)

- more detailed help page for "How to get a free account" -

2. "Screen Shot" forum has been added.

3. "Guide" has been added helpful tips for enjoying Lunia. ( This section will be updated fairly open)

4. "Bug Report" forum has it's own automated hardware checking tool. Once you leave your bug report, just check "Attached" radio
select mark on "System Requirement" section. It will report your hardware specification to LuniaGM automatically.

* Lunia client side installing program package is not posted yet. All download links are unactivated right now.
* All topics from Lunia Closed Beta Service are temporarily closed due to newly published exclusive Lunia ID and Password.
(LuniaGM might not be able to post all old posted topic permanently.)

- Lunia Staff -

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