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Default 'Sign Up' pages will be unactivated!

Hello, this is Lunia Staff

Open Beta Service will starts in really short time from today. As Open Beta Service starts, Lunia official website will be renewed as well.

For that reason, all current Sing Up process will blocked from today (2007/7/20) to the renew date of Lunia official website for open beta service.

However, all current website members can login and write a new topics within the site freely.

Check follow changes in Lunia Official Website.

[Changes in Lunia official website]

1. All "Sign Up" related web pages will be blocked and unactivated temporarily.
2. "Game Management" page will be blocked and unactivated temporarily.

(All these limited services will be back to service again on the date of opening Lunia Official Open Beta Website)

Lunia Staff plans to have a website update on 2007/07/24.

- Lunia Staff -

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