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Default Upgrading Guide

P.S. Pictures coming soon hopefully.

1 - Grading
2 - Extraction
3a - Fortification
3b - Recommendations
4 - Light Fortification
5 - Removing Stats/Repairing Equipments (To be added)

(NPC to grade,extract,remove stats.)

(NPC to fortify/light fortify.)

1 - Grading
Grading is the process of adding extra stats to your item.
By extra stats, it means that either you get positive stats such as +1STR or negative stats such as -1DEX.
It is up to you to decide if you want to take the risk.

First, to grade, take your item to the laboratory located at the lower-right of the town.

Second, take your item that needs to be upgraded and place it in your inventory if you haven't already done so. (Equipment that you are wearing and want to grade has to be un-equiped first.

Third, place your item into the box under the word "Item" and click "Confirm" located in the lower middle section. Wait for your item to be graded and your results should appear in a couple of seconds.

Enjoy your results! Results are shown in orange on your equipment.

2 - Extraction
Extraction is the process of taking any equipment (Armors,Weapons,Accessories) and turning them into one of the following:

1 - Fortification Stones
2 - Catalyst
3 - Dimly/Brightly/Brilliantly Shiny Ore

First, to extract, go to the laboratory located in the lower-right of the town.

Second, make sure the item you want to extract is in your inventory. Click the tab that says "Extract".

Third, place your item into the box "Item" and click "Confirm" located in the lower middle section. Wait for your item to be extracted and your results should appear in the box located below the item box.

Your results will vary depending on the level of your item, the rarity of your item, and your real life luck. The most common results are fortification stones and catalyst. The shiny ores are by far the hardest items to get. I'm not sure if the rarity affects your chances as I have gotten the ores from a white item, and an orange item.

3a - Fortification
*Read this first*
Thy two rules of fortification.
1 - Catalyst(s) may increase the chance fortification. The max amount you can use is 20. (Some claim that catalysts increases your breaking chance but I think that is absurd.)

2 - There are 4 possible outcomes in fortification.
A - Succeed. Your item gains a level.
B - Fail (No change). Your item does not change what so ever.
C - Fail (Degrade). Your item drops a level.
D - Fail (Destruction). Your item breaks.

Ok now that is done, fortification is the process of upgrading your weapon or armor to increase it's stats/add more stats.

First, make sure you have plenty of fortification stones (catalysts are optional) to start your fortifying.

Second, make your way to the blacksmith located in the lower-left of town.

Third, make sure the item you want to be upgraded is located in your inventory.
Place your item into the box under "Item". Put catalysts into the box under "Catalyst".
Click "Confirm" and wait for your item to finish fortifying.

Hopefully you get the results that you need. Results are shown in green on your equipment.

3b - Recommendations:

(I recommend that you always upgrade your item to level 4 as it is fairly easy to achieve this level.)

Levels 1-3 (+3 defense for armors,+3 attack for weapons)
Your equipments can break in these levels. Theses levels are still considered safe levels by me.

Level 4 (+1 to a stat depending on the type of your equipment)
In these levels and beyond, your item may have any of the 4 possible outcomes occur mentioned eariler.

Helm : Int
Armor : Int
Pants : Vit
Glove : Str
Boots : Dex
Weapon : Str

Level 5 (+2 to the stat listed above)

Level 6 (+3 to the stat listed in level 4)

Level 7 (Two additional stats +4 and +1 respectively)

Helm : Int , Vit
Armor : Int , Str
Pants : Vit
Glove : Str
Boots : Dex , Vit
Weapon : Str , Dex

Level 8-9 (Two additional stats +5 and +2 , +6 and +3 respectively)

4 - Light Fortification
Light fortification is similar to fortification. The difference is that the items required to light fortify are harder to get and also, harder to succeed in light fortification. When successful, you get a bonuses to almost all stats on your equipment.

*Same rules apply to light fortification from fortification. Catalysts may be used up to 20.*

Instead of fortification stones, you use dimly/brightly/brilliant shining ores.