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Originally Posted by Kudaranai
Don't bans given out waaaay after the action that broke the rules =d?
Then I am truly confused. I personally believe that I am a good player and I'm very careful in my interaction with others.

Anyway, looking at all of the screenies in Jewelia, I wish I saw more Moogles in Fantasia. I would've stopped and talked to the person. I met and befriended Yoruhime in-game because I noted that I had seen her around MT.

Edit // NoeJeko, I never understood how the fansites listing worked. I was always curious as to why MT was never linked. I wonder, what does it take, or do they simply not update it anymore?

^ very outdated ^

For the record, I've fallen off the face of online gaming but I've missed you guys. ;~;

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