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Default List your favorite shopping sites!

Please make sure when you post the shopping site that you verified yourself that it is LEGIT and not a scam website. Thank you!
Disclaimer: Buy at your own risk.

Compiled list from thread:

User recommendation from Glarbage: "I buy generally anything from It's completely legit, they're basically like Wal-Mart's website, but instead the item listings are from numerous different sellers. Amazon is completely legit. :O"

American Eagle-TRUSTED
Always has products on sale at the clearance section!

User recommendation from Catharsis: "I don't shop online. I'd shop here if I could"

Binky Burrow
User recommendation from Pandaccoon: "I bought one of my fave shirts when they set up shop for a week here at school last sem but its from Binky Burrow 8D"

Busted Tees
User recommendation from kuyabaka: "It's got some pretty funny graphic T's and hoodies. I haven't gotten anything here, but there's a few I'd like to buy~"

Craig`s List
User recommendation from mikumiku: "my sister and i also use craigslist. pretty much like a classified-ads in the newspaper.. except free and online @_@"

Deal Extreme-TRUSTED
User recommendation from flaris: "site with random stuff for sale. Bought from them plenty of times."

Dr. Jays
User recommendation from Tecca: "This is my favorite place to shop online, as you can get up to 70% off on brand name clothes (Adidas, Timberland, Avirex, Rocawear, etc). Over the past two years, I've dropped over $3,000 worth of clothes on the site. Love the place, and I don't see myself shopping for clothes anywhere else (minus the few odd times I see a nice shirt in a mall)."

Please be sure to check seller`s ratings before shopping.

Forever 21-TRUSTED
User recommendation from aLo: "For cheap, yet pretty fobbish-cute (I <3 this store x3.... but the online shopping prices are wayyyy cheaper than the ones in the store. D: )"

Fred Flare-TRUSTED
User recommendation from mikumiku: "bright colorful and cheerful.. they have a pan - panda D:"

Indie Merch Store-TRUSTED
User recommendation from DemiGodDanzig: "i try shopping here whenever i can"

Johnny Cupcakes
Summer shirts - available NOW!
User recommendation from mikumiku: "for the sweet tooth'ed"

User recommendation from flaris: "site like dealextreme, but they tend to have stuff DX doesn't have in stock. I haven't bought anything from here aside from lighters and the site is pretty buggy."

Mango Shop-TRUSTED
User recommendation from Catharsis: "I shop at Mango a lot, but I look up the clothes I wana buy online before going to the store. (We have a factory outlet near my mom's house, whee~)"

NBA Store
User recommendation from Kir: "hehe. jerseys are my type of clothing d:"

User recommendation from boomsticky: "I usually buy all my computer parts here and had no problems."

User recommendation from WhatThePhuc: "yo u can get some nice kicks here plus some athletic clothing and stuff"

User recommendation from wickedfresh: "I haven't bought anything from oak, but I would if I bought things online."

User recommendation from aLo: "This one has all the brand name clothing, but since it's like overstocked, they are priced for lower. They got brands like Energie, True Religion, Prada, DKNY, etc. and like oh em gee, their True Religion straight leg jeans is only $119 D: compared to $196. D: That is cheaper than a pair of RnR jeans ;-;. Damn"

Papaya Clothing-TRUSTED

Pick Your Shoes-TRUSTED
User recommendation from khmer2k1d5: "I buy shoes from"

Soompi Market
User recommendation from Sempai: "'nuff said. "

Strapya World-TRUSTED
Cell Phone Straps & Charms Japanese Cell Phone Straps, Charms, Gadgets and Anime Accessory
User recommendation from aLo: "[i]AHMGGGG!!11!one! strap-ya omgg... D: strap ya!!!! you end up like hours just staring at this site.. for all your japanese cellphone straps/gadjets/jewerlry/accessories/cute stuff X3.... sigh ~ I love this site..i]"

Designer Clothing Submissions - Tees, Tshirts and T shirts!
User recommendation from mikumiku: "custom shirts designed by users (you can design one too! ... you just gotta get the votes) i've got a pretty small collection of threadless tees.. but somehow they seem to be disappearing.."

True Protein-TRUSTED
For all your whey protein and other supplement needs
Discount code: MPP883
User recommendation from blaaaow: "I've been buying from them for years and have the best quality supplements and protein I have come across. They may not be the ABSOLUTE cheapest, but their prices are competitive and TOP NOTCH quality."

Urban Outfitters -TRUSTED

Victoria`s Secret-TRUSTED
For all your lingerie needs.

A New Way of Style: Asian Fashion and Lifestyle: Women, Men, Jewelry, Shoes & Bags
Free International Shipping on order over US$150

Zenni Optical
Complete prescription eyeglasses from $8.00
User recommendation from mikumiku: "cheap cute glasses for the hawtie nerds"

Original Post:
just because i want to share with you people

ZenniOptical: Zenni Optical - Complete prescription eyeglasses from $8.00
- cheap cute glasses for the hawtie nerds

Threadless: Threadless T-Shirts - Designer Clothing Submissions - Tees, Tshirts and T shirts!
- custom shirts designed by users (you can design one too! ... you jsut gotta get the votes)

JohnnyCupCake: Summer shirts - available NOW! - Johnny Cupcakes
- for the sweet tooth'ed

FredFlare: | stay cute!
- bright colorful and cheerful.. they have a pan - panda D: ohh!! i get it now xD

YesStyle: A New Way of Style: Asian Fashion and Lifestyle: Women, Men, Jewelry, Shoes & Bags, Accessories, Babies & Kids, PeopleStyle €“ Free International Shipping on order over US$150
-uh... yeah

im sure there's more... but i cant think right now @__@ if you know some good ones list them! share them!

User recommendation from : ""
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