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Just last week, my friend slit his wrist at school.
First, he was writing "die" all over his papers again and again.
He took our other friend's mini knife and just did it in one swipe.
While he was bleeding, he's just smiling and trying to smirk it off as a "no big deal."
I instantly told the teacher.
We (me and his other friend) are still ticked/scared at him for doing that.

I have no comprehension of what was going on with him, since he's usually the really joking and nice type of person.

There was this other time in March...
I wanted to go to the mall with my friend, so my dad dropped us off in front of this tall phone company building right near the church.
It's our usual drop-off/pick-up point.
My friend and I went to the movies.
Now when my dad comes to pick us up, he finds that the roads near the phone company building are blocked.
My dad asks a nearby pedestrian about what happened and the pedestrian says that there was a shooting.
At this point, my dad is like ... ballistic/emotional and worried like completely over our lives.
He tried to call my cell, but my cell already ran out of power.
So he finds an alternative way to the church and parks in there, waiting.
After the movie is done, we go to where my dad dropped us off and we find that where we were dropped off, the entire sidewalk has been scrubbed.
My dad pulls up and picks us up and tells us about what happened.
It turns out that there was no shooting,
a guy committed suicide off the building and fell right where my dad dropped us off.
The scrubbing has to get rid of the blood on the sidewalk.

Suicide is just ... weird... and wrong.