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Originally Posted by AurorasParadox
@ paul: I didn't know that the chara in my sig is from persona =O
(I got my stocks from PR ... I didn't know what anime its from lol)

I'll go check it out..
(It looks like witch hunter robin... and I simply love witch hunter robin <3)
yea not much people know about Persona which ur character is from the game. The games are rare and very limited with limited copies, very lucky if you can even find a copy. Persona4 is coming out.

You could also try

Fate/Stay Night (i found the main character to have a very confusing power although the plot isnt exactly "unique" but it is a good anime)
Karin (theres blood but... not exactly "gore" blood, more like "lawl" blood... basically about a vampire girl who instead of sucks blood, she releases blood... and sometimes.. too much :3, i find that unique)
Lucky Star (either like it or you don't)
Shinigami no Ballad (Dunno, never watched pass ep1, it bore me but it might interest you... about some... shinigami girl who goes and.. takes peoples lives? Not anything like Bleach or anything... its more... drama or so it seems from episode1)
Ef - Tales of Memories (what i find weird about this plot for this anime is that it switches characters a lot and how one of the main characters can only remember for a limited amount of time, drama anime with how i should say.. beautiful artwork?)
Sola (I find this anime similar to many animes, especially Ef Tales of Memories due to the artwork, i havent watched pass episode 3, so im not to sure what its about at the moment but i still like it :3)

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