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Originally Posted by Himichu
Paint Tool SAI!!! I had that program but my 30 day trial ended ;-;

Anyways, keep up your awesome work! >ワ<!
Yeah, I got sick of the trial thing so I actually forked over the $50 USD for it...I think it was money worth spent though.

Originally Posted by LUNAtik
Eurus! <33 Love the bright colours. o_o
And love the Taniel one. The shading is awesome.
Thanks! Look forward to more bright color things, I'm sure a lot of my buddies are sick of all the blue I use.

Last art post in here for a while unless I scan in old art, got other stuff I'm working on. This is a work-in-progress pic of Card Hunter Ewan/ can tell that it's a WIP since the strokes get messier and messier towards where I cropped can imagine that below the crop edge is a bunch of scribbles.

I feel like I'm out for a picnic

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