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^Agreed your Agree. Most of the tactics and combos are really the same.
(And fiasco means phail, right?)
Offensive Techniques!
Gorge of Oath, Elesis 1st job
Elesis is a good pusher if you ask me. The infinite combo is a good pusher. Stop on the 4th slash (The part where elesis stabs) And stop for a split second. Then, start the combo again. Repeat until pushed off. But this can only bring the opponent to fatal.
Let's say you're merciful and you want your enemy to die a slow and painful death. Like that infinite combo I told you, do it again and again. DON'T USE PET ATTACKS. It breaks the combo. When you see it going fatal, you can finish the combo off with the last knockdown slash. Or, If you're evil, anything of your special skills.