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Originally Posted by blaaaow
What kind of leg injury do you have? Maybe I can help you find a way to work around it. You really should work your legs... they're half your body!
Lol, my leg injury I got it when I got drunk. I was all tipsy and kept falling over so I bashed my knees a lot and my leg got all cut up. Then after that my cuts got infected too so my legs are kind of a mess right now.

Also about shin splits thats what I was thinking that it could be. Was just looking for a second opinion first, cuz my doctor is stupid. She's just like "Oh take these pills for your leg and it should get better." Lol, still not better..

Well I also have another thing to ask. Like I said earlier I just started running a lot, but I also get chest pain after. When I finish running my lungs would be killing and my chest would tighten up, do you know what it could be? I'm gonna try to get some xrays done to see if its anything more.