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Great guide =O

Gaining Mass:
Commonly referred to as “bulking,” gaining mass requires a caloric surplus that will support growth. I personally like to cycle my carbohydrates so that I take in much more carbohydrates on training days than I do on off days. On these “high carb days,” I keep fat intake to a minimum. On the “low carb days,” I lower my carbohydrates to only the first 2 meals in the day, and replace the carbohydrates in later meals with fats from the list above.

- Tips:
o Add oatmeal to protein shakes in a blender. This is an EXTREMELY easy way to add a great source of carbohydrates into your diet when you can barely eat any more.
o If you have trouble gaining weight, YOU MUST FORCE FEED AND GET IN THOSE 6-8 MEALS! This will make your break your goals.
o Do low intensity morning cardio before eating in the morning. This will get your appetite RAGING throughout the day.
o Refer to basic nutrition guidelines.
About the highlighted... what do you mean by low intensity morning cardio? (I'm not really familiar with this terms =x)

Also, what do you mean by low and high carb days?

I'm kinda underweight and well, I've been trying to "bulk up" my self for ages =x
Thanks for your guide btw.