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thanks for the tips. I also do other exercises besides just benching such as standing bicep curls, skull crusher, dips, crunches, bent over row, etc.. I also increase weights if I feel the exercise is getting too easy or if I am going way over my rep range. But one thing I have a bad leg injury so that prevents me from doing any good workout on my legs. As of now I just run to build leg muscle, so squats I try to avoid, which I heard from others and you, is a really good exercise. So that sucks for me.

I'm gonna follow your tip and start doing dead lifts. But I'm probably gonna need a spotter for that to see if I am keeping my back straight. Or I'm gonna have one hell of a bad back pain. Lol, and watching my diet is gonna be really hard for me to do cuz I'm a chocolate addict lol. Which is one of the main reasons why my abs don't show as much.

I have another question (Probably will have more lol, just to lazy to ask for now), am I overexerting myself? Well what happens is that I recently started to run a lot, was a lazy person before never really ran much. But now I run like crazy and afterwards I get bad leg pain, manly around my shins, ankles, and knees. So could it be that I started too fast, and I should have slowly increased intensity? I also have something else but I guess I'll ask you when I wake up.

Oh and I almost forgot to say, really well written guide and very informative. Also thanks for the help and tips

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