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Originally Posted by mirc
Is this good for bulk training? (Well for benching)
*Lifting 95% of my weight
*8 reps
*5 sets
*1-2 min rest between each set

But I'm just going to go slightly bulk. So I also do some toning too, so I can get be in the middle between the too. But just slightly towards the bulk side.

Oh before I forget what exercises do you recommend for working trapezius besides shoulder shrugs and upright rows? Lol, also nice back, your deezed.
Any training program will give good results as long as you stay consistent and PROGRESS in weight, reps, or intensity. Keep a training journal and if you're doing the same weight or reps on a specific exercise 3-4 months from now, you know you're doing something wrong.

If you're trying to gain mass, benching isn't the only thing you should do. You should squat and deadlift too! Those two exercises specifically promote testosterone production and work every muscle in your body, thus adding muscle mass everywhere. I used to only bench and curl the first couple of months of my training (yea I know, the "bro" workout), but after I added in squatting and deadlifting, I blew up everywhere.

Sounds like you want to take a route where you want to gain slowly in order to minimize fat gains. This will highly depend on your diet. I can't really give detailed suggestions since I don't know your training/dieting experience, body type, etc., but utilize cardio on low carb/non-training days (20-30 minutes low intensity) and increase carbs/fats SLOWLY until you find your sweet spot.

For working your traps, I really only recommend heavy deadlifts. They may not be considered a trapezius exercise, but show me a person who deadlifts 500-600lbs with small traps . Deadlifts are the best overall back exercise and hits the traps extremely well also.

Originally Posted by WarriorsBlade
Ya know what, that sounds good. I'll have to try this. Thanks for the help ^^.

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