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Originally Posted by aLo
I think I am starting to believe that I have OCD. I can't control myself when I washed my hands once, but I still think they are dirty, so I wash it again, with some more soap, then I think it's still not good enough, so more soap. I end up spending 5-7 minutes to wash my hands until I think it is just okay for now. Now it's been getting more and more often that I feel that I am not clean. I shower... I rinse my hair in water, I lather, then I rinse, then I lather again, then I rinse, then I lather again, then I rinse, then I put conditioner, then I spend about 10 minutes to run my hair inn water just to make sure it is clean. I've been taking longer and longer showers... I keep thinking that the soap will not come off me. They used to be like 15-20 minutes, now they are over 30 minutes. When I have touched the cloth that we always use to wipe tables, I wash my hands, then I wash the cloth, then I wash my hands again. When I turn off the tap, I think that the germs from the tap contaminated my fingers, so I end up washing my hands again. The cycle just repeats until I somehow get a control over myself to stop.

Am I just over reacting or is it like really a disorder D:.

Consult a doctor.

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