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Originally Posted by CujoEX
I support my cousin blaaaow. Out of all my cousin's, hes probably the only one that's in best shape.

blaaaow, say that I want to lose weight but really gain much bulk (just enough to be fit). What's a good daily exercise that doesn't involve heavy gym machinery. So far, running 5 times a day for 30 minutes, and using dumbbells (curls) and power sit ups doesn't seem to decrease my weight. For a month so far, I'm still the same weight. Other than the daily routine I mentioned, what else do you recommend I should do?
Thank lv. Yep this is my cousin ^^.

And yes, that is my back in my avatar . It's an old pic. I'm lower in bodyfat now.

You have 2 dumbbells right? I'll show you a basic routine that is VERY similar to mine. I utilize barbells much more though.

Have 3 days: "Pull" day, "Push" Day, and Leg Day

Pull day:
-Pull ups
-Dumbbell rows ( - Exercise Guides Database.)
-Dumbbell curls

Push day:
-Dumbbell floor press ( - Exercise Guides Database. - use 2 dumbbells though) This is one my favorite exercises.
-Dumbbell lateral raises: - Exercise Guides Database.
-Dumbbell Curls

Leg Day:
Dumbbell Squats: - Exercise Guides Database.
Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift: - Exercise Guides Database.
Calve Raises

Shoot for 6-8 reps for 1 heavy set
Shoot for 8-10 reps for 1 moderate set
Shoot for 12-15 reps for 1 light set

10% differences in weight between heavy to moderate and moderate to light sets. So if you're squatting 300lbs for the heavy set, moderate set would be 270lbs, and light set would be 245lbs.

I would train 4 times a week rotating these 3 days.

As for losing weight, that really is how consistent you are with diet, cardio, and training. Read what I have in the fat loss portion and let me know if you need anything else. If you don't want to get so strict as to start cycling carbs and such, using a basic guideline like "no carbs after 4pm" would definitely help. Eat clean too!

I've got my sister on a diet and she's losing weight steadily and is getting freakishly strong haha.

Originally Posted by WarriorsBlade
Yeah, of course. I didn't mean it like you'd get ripped. Yeah, she doesn't exercise at all...that I know of, and if so VERY little. And she doesn't eat the best...How do you tell your mom you think she should live better lol?
You could be straight up about it and tell her lol. My family slowly started to follow my eating habits. I'm helping out my sister with her diet right now and she's leaning out great and getting strong in the process. My parents don't really diet, but they eat much cleaner now.

So maybe if you start eating better and promote a healthier life-style, it may rub off on her

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