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Default Coding


[U](Text)[/U] Underlines - - - - Like this
[B](Text)[/B] Makes it Bold - - - - Like this
[I](Text)[/I] Makes it italic - - - - Like this


[Left](TEXT)[/left]Makes the text go to the left
Like this
[Center](text)[/Center] Makes the text go to the center
Like this
[Right](text)[/Right] Makes the text go to the right
Like this


[Size=(nr)](text)[/Size] Makes the text larger... or smaller

[Size=1] Smallest size

[Size=2] Original size

[Size=3] Little bigger

[Size=4] Big as most headlines

[Size=5] Even bigger

[Size=6] Ok... Very big!

[Size=7] Getting Ridiclously big

[Size=8+] Oh... Same Size ^^

[QUOTE=Aleeex;9373]the Basic coding is -> HERE <-
At this stage I hope that you understand the basics...


A great way to make things look stylish, or just attract attention, is to add some color...

Here is the [Color] command used... And it is written as [Color=(Color)](Text)[/Color]
Examples on different colors...

On blanks request


In order for you to change fonts you use [Font=(Fontname)](Text)[/Font]

Century Gothic
Arial Black
Wingdings (Wingdings)


[URL][/URL] is mayby a commonly used thing here... but I will go in-depth of it...

Ordinary [URL] will lead to just make an URL link... Like [url=] ~ Grand Chase Fansite, Forum, & Guides - Powered by vBulletin[/url] will yeald ~ Grand Chase Fansite, Forum, & Guides - Powered by vBulletin
But you can make it look nicer if you alter it a bit...

Like [url=(Webpage)](text)[/URL]
If we take [] We can make it look like This ^^
Notice that in this case, the word This, links to


[IMG][/img] is also somthing most users here have understood...

If you have an Image... let's say my ugly face The link to my pic is:

To make it visible directly here, without forcing ppl to click on it to view it, you will need to put it as an image, and not as an link...

Here comes the Image code to ease it for you... Just put the link to the pic, without [URL][/url] ofcourse, inside [IMG][/IMg]

The result will be: [IMG][/img] and thus as my pic below


As the Quoting system is semiautomatic, this is half unneccesary...
but since it can be done/altered be hand, I will put it here.

The [Quote] command will create an Quotebox... (Better word, anyone?)

The more advanced form of quoting, is to refer it somewhere, or someone....
For this, it will be:

And a tad more complicated form... The referral system...
This post is post Nr 9373 overall... This means, if we want to link here, we have to refer to post #9373... This will be done by adding an Semicolon ( ; ) and then the nr of the post after writing the name of the one that this was refered to... so it becomes:
as in


The [Code] box is seldom used, and I have very little knowlage about it, but here goes...

This is an codebox... It has an width limitation of 44 chars...
       10^       20^       30^       40^       50^
The [Code] box preserves all the spaces you write and every letter/character is exactly as big as another... the spaces too. That fact makes it useful for making funny ASCII pics ^^
Other that that, I have found no other use for it... If you find one, tell me...

Also there is [ yt ] [ /yt ] (without the spaces) for posting YouTube videos. the URL: YouTube - Grand Chase You take the part after the " =" and put in the [ yt ] IqKhVaOiCL4 [ /yt ] As i have done (Note: do not ass the spaces in the boxes.)

As for spoilers you do it like this:
[ spoiler] afjfaaf [ /spoiler] (and again without the spaces in the boxs)

(Most of this stuff i have collected from forums from Aleeex and Feline[Feeline]
I would like to say i added the video and the spoiler part. once again ALEEEX OBTAINED THIS INFO!)
Thanks Aleeex you helped me with my boring posts!

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