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Originally Posted by CountBlood
Anyways MY friend and me always seem to argue with each other. There use to be a time when we got along. But after we dated for a short short while. Everything turned upside down. Shes always pissed over something i do, and expects me to instantly know what i did.I've told her I'm not the smartest guy, but she assumes me to know every thing i do wrong, even minor crap.. at one point We stopped talking to each other for a couple of days. But being who i am i couldn't stop talking to her. I know i get angry easily, but i cant stay angry either (some people think that is a blessing) but when she gets pissed she stays that way..
Anyway What should i Do?
I agree, but be sure that this person is a friend first. Sometimes they can overstep boundaries. There's a fact in life that friends are very likely to help you through some of the shittiest moments in your life, and that's why some can be like this, to help you for such things. When it comes to morals, I strongly disagree with "help" like hers. You can't really change a person, which is what she may be trying to do to you, I don't know; but she can't change what you are to an extent that'd suit you as "perfect". It'd have to be something detrimental to be accepted, otherwise you're just being conformed to this one person's views and morals.

I can't really be certain if this is unhealthy or not. To me, the unhealthy relationships I've seen involved abuse physically for when things go sour, and repeated attention whoring that wouldn't let up from being accustomed to it and vice versa. . That's when you know that they need to change, or you, if it applies to you.