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Originally Posted by blaaaow

Many recent studies have shown a link between lack of sleep and obesity.

-Growth hormone is secreted most during sleep
-Blood supply to the muscle is increased
-Ghrelin and leptin, hormones that control appetite, are suppressed

Hormones that promote fat burning are very prevalent during deep sleep.

Hmm.. I read a study on oversleeping not long ago. I'll see if I can dig it up, but it's not optimal, but better than being sleep deprived.

I don't understand the question. You're asking for those who sleep late at night? If so, your probably working at the same hours as we all are. Being awake about 16 hours or so, then sleeping for 8 hours. Adjust it to fit your schedule.
Uhm, my mom sleeps like....most the day lol, and yet she is still a little (don't want to sound mean) overweight. And she's been sleeping like most all day for long as I can remember lol. So, I'm not saying that this is false, but yeah get what I'm saying?
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