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Originally Posted by Cornflake
Good info, but it's hard to do some of the things you mention.

How on earth do you fit 1-2g of protein/lb into your daily diet? I take whey protein every day but I still only manage around 60g total protein per day, and I weigh a little over 140lbs.

Force feeding yourself is really unhealthy isn't it? Even if I could eat that many meals, and I can't, I'd have to spend all day in the kitchen making food.
1-2g protein/lb of body weight isn't too hard. It might seem so at first, but after a week of eating like this your appetite will be right up there with you. If you are just starting, start at 1g per pound of body weight.

I eat 6-7 times daily and have 40g of protein per meal. That's a 4oz piece of steak/chicken 4 times daily and maybe 1.5 scoops of protein powder 2-3 times daily.

At your weight, start at 25g/protein per meal for 6 meals. That's a 3oz piece of chicken/steak or just 1 scoop of protein powder. Of course combine that with some sort of carb OR fat source. Don't mix carbs and fats.

The hardest part is getting over thinking that 6 times a day is crazy. I know, I thought it was too, and so did my little sister. But now, her and I can't go over 3 hours without eating or we are STARVING.

You'll find that you're not force feeding as your appetite gets used to it. Sure if you eat your way up to a gigantic 250lb muscular beast... or you just have an INSANELY fast metabolism, you may have to force feed. As for it being healthy, your body likes to stay what it is. It loves homeostasis. So anything that forces it to go toward fat loss and weight gain will make want to resist. It's important that you go to your doctor in either case and make sure your healthy and have blood work done.

And to spending all the time in the kitchen... I spend 30-45 a minutes in the morning cooking. I throw a couple of chicken breasts on the grill and a couple cups of dry rice and I'm set for the day. If I'm running low on chicken breasts, I pack protein powder and oatmeal. I am EXTREMELY busy usually juggling a job, classes, studying, girlfriend, and test reviews, I would not be able to spend all my day in the kitchen either. But I do what I can to get those meals in.
Originally Posted by Catharsis
You guide pretty mush showed me that I'm slowly killing myself. O hay

Oh woah. How do we lose fat in sleep? And what about if you oversleep?
Many recent studies have shown a link between lack of sleep and obesity.

-Growth hormone is secreted most during sleep
-Blood supply to the muscle is increased
-Ghrelin and leptin, hormones that control appetite, are suppressed

Hormones that promote fat burning are very prevalent during deep sleep.

Hmm.. I read a study on oversleeping not long ago. I'll see if I can dig it up, but it's not optimal, but better than being sleep deprived.

Originally Posted by Miyuki
Hey, good tips there "/.


And for those who /slept late @_@???
I don't understand the question. You're asking for those who sleep late at night? If so, your probably working at the same hours as we all are. Being awake about 16 hours or so, then sleeping for 8 hours. Adjust it to fit your schedule.