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Default How to Reinforce

Reinforcement is a way to upgrade your equipment to the next level. You can reinforce Necklaces, Anklets, Runes, etc. But first, you need to get one of those items in order to reinforce.

You can buy Necklaces and Anklets in the Shop in the Accessories Tab. Be sure to read the descriptions because some of the equipments will give extra special effects once you reinforce it to the max (example, a Wind Necklace will give you the power of Sylph, the Wind Fairy -- everytime you cast a spell, a golden magic circle will surround you). To reinforce, click the Shop Tab, then the Academy Tab and buy the colorful orbs called Gems. Each level of reinforcement will require a certain amount of Gems. Then go to your equipment and find your accessory to reinforce. You'll notice a pink P.Up (Power Up) button. Click it to reinforce.

As for Runes, you have to find Rune Books from bosses, collects boss Orbs, dusts, and fragments in order to create runes, and collect Aging Cores to reinforce the runes.

Having a feeling that some people doesn't like to read paragraphs, here's the step by step directions:

Reinforcing Necklaces and Anklets:
1.) Click Shop Tab
2.) Click Accessories Tab. Find Wind Necklace and Guard Anklet. Buy it.
3.) Click Academy Tab. Find Gem. Buy about 10+.
4.) Click Equipment Tab.
5.) Click Accessories Tab. Find the accessory you bought. Click the pink P.Up Button.
6.) Repeat steps 3 to 5 until you get the desired reinforced level.

Creating Runes
1.) Fight bosses and collect Rune Books.
2.) Click Equip and find your Rune Book. Click Create. Find the required items needed. Orbs can be collected thru bosses and dusts/fragments can be collected thru any monster.
3.) After collecting all the required items, go back to your Rube Book and click Create.

Reinforcing Runes
1.) Find your Rune. Click P.Up.
2.) Runes require Aging Cores to upgrade. Aging Cores can be obtained thru any monster and boss. Click the Reinforce Button to reinforce.
*Note: Old-Brave Rune can level up to Level 9 while Brave Rune, Holy Rune, and Honor Rune can level up to (??). Old-Holy Rune, and Old-Honor Rune, Brave Runes, Holy Rune, and Honor Rune has a chance of breaking after Lv 9. Even though it says it has unlimited upgrades, the max limit is really 30.

Color Analysis
You'll notice when picking up Rune Books, Runes, Quest Scrolls, Equipment, etc, that each one has a different color. The color can determine what that item can be used for.
Elesis = Red
Lire = Green
Arme = Purple
Ronan = Dark Blue
Lass (unreleased character) = Light Blue (under Unused Items)
Ryan (unreleased character) = Orange/Brown (under Unused Items)
Amy (unreleased character) = Pink (no inventory implemented for Ntreev USA)